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a german cockroach crawling along the kitchen countertop of a texas home

Why Conroe Residents Call Modern Pest Control for Cockroach Problems

When you live in an area like Conroe, certain pests are a given. As much as we may wish otherwise, our mild winters, hot summers, and year-round moisture and humidity make this an ideal location for cockroaches to thrive. Luckily, roaches don’t have to be a problem for Conroe residents because Modern Pest Control is available to treat cockroach problems. Read More >

ants on a plant

How to Prepare Your Cypress Yard for the Return of Spring and Summer Ants

With the return of spring comes the return of ants. As spring turns to summer, ant populations will continue to grow and become more and more active around your Cypress yard. If you’d like to avoid an ant invasion this year, you have to prepare your Cypress yard for the return of spring and summer ants. Here’s how to do it. Read More >

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