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close up of mosquito biting houston resident

Early Prevention Steps Against Summer Mosquitoes in Houston

Whether we’re ready to think about it or not, mosquito season is on its way. As we round the corner into spring, these little insects will begin hatching and coming on strong. Outdoor events will soon be accompanied by the familiar buzzing of mosquitoes and the familiar attempts to swat them away. Read More >

black widow spider crawling up a web in texas home

Why Even Nonvenomous Texas Spiders Can Be Dangerous Pests

When you find a black widow under a pile of brush in your yard, you don't need anyone to tell you that you have a problem. The bite from a black widow spider has the potential to send you or someone you love to the hospital. When you see a brown recluse run across your living room floor and disappear under your couch, you're not going to scratch your head and wonder if it might be a good idea to… Read More >

flea on white hair

Keeping Fleas Out of Your Houston Yard This Summer

One of the most frustrating pests to invade Houston yards and homes are fleas. These tiny insects can create a huge problem. Their size can make them hard to identify and it often takes a while for homeowners to realize what they’re dealing with. Read More >

swarming termites invading houston

Termite Season Soon to Return to Houston

Every year, like clockwork, termite colonies begin sending out swarmers. This marks the beginning of termite season, the wonderful time of year when termites invade Houston homes and businesses. It starts around late February and can last throughout May. Read More >

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