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Three Easy & Effective Ant Control Tips For Houston Homeowners 

Once established, ants are very difficult to get rid of. Ant prevention is much better and easier than ant eviction. Ants are attracted to food, especially sugary foods and sources of protein. They need water, too. Finally, they need shelter, especially in really hot or really cold weather. Here are three tips to keep ants outside where they belong....

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The Trick To Keeping Houston Mosquitoes Away

You might be able to get away from the office this summer, or from the drudgery of everyday life through a well-deserved vacation. However, you will never be able to vacation away from the long, probing proboscises of the hungry southern mosquito! ...

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How To Tell If The Spider In Your Houston Home Is Dangerous 

For those of us with a phobia for these eight-legged pests, every single arachnid we spy is a potentially dangerous vector. However, most spiders are objectively not as dangerous as they would first appear. But just how do we identify dangerous spider species from non-dangerous ones, and what can we do to mitigate our exposure to the big baddies of the arachnid world? ...

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Six Easy & Effective Fly Prevention Tips For Katy Homeowners

Flies are attracted to decaying organic matter which often leads them to land on animal feces and decaying carcasses where they can pick up harmful bacteria and human pathogens. They can then bring those harmful contaminants into our homes, spreading them to countertops, food, and other surfaces....

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