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flea on skin

5 Mistakes Bellaire Residents Make To Attract Fleas

Whether or not you’ve ever had pets, it’s safe to assume you’ve dealt with—or at least heard of—fleas.  Fleas are most active from spring through early fall, but because of the warm year-round climate here in Bellaire, Texas, the fleas that bother us are active all year long. Read More >

dog itching with fleas

How Do Fleas Get Into Our Homes?

Your home can become infested with fleas thanks to your pets who wander around outside and encounter these parasites. Fleas in the grass or on other animals can leap right onto your pets to find themselves a good meal. These little hitchhikers multiply quickly and can infest your entire Katy home, causing bites and infections on your pets and human family members alike. While pets carrying fleas… Read More >

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