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a flea crawling through the long white haired of a katey texas pet during the fall season

Frustrating Fleas In Katy, TX 

Fleas can bite humans as much as they bite our furry friends. But, unlike them, our ‘fur’ isn’t as nice to live in. Pets, rugs, and carpets are much more preferable living quarters for fleas. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, once these bugs have settled down, they will stay for good, unless something drastic is done about them.     Read More >

a spring tail ccrawlong along the tile floor of a river oak texas property

Have Springtails Overtaken Your River Oak Home?

Springtails are social creatures and love swarming with large groups underneath carpets, around house plant pots, and drainage pipes. Backyard pools can often get overrun by these creatures, creating a filmy scum on top of the water as they die off. Some home remedies do exist, but springtail colonies often out-breed any attempt to stifle their numbers. Read More >

a beautifuly landscaped new stone home in cypress texas completely un aware of the potential pest control issues under way this summer

Guide To Protecting Your Cypress Home From Pests

The first thing you should know about pest control is that every pest is different, and different pests require different kinds of treatments to keep them out of your home. If you find a great internet resource on keeping cockroaches at bay, you may be able to reduce cockroaches in your home, but you won’t solve the rest of your pest problems. Read More >

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