Tips To Protect Your Pets From Pests
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Tips To Protect Your Pets From Pests

It is not just people that need to be protected from annoying, biting, stinging, and disease spreading pests; we also need to protect our four legged family members! That’s right, pests don’t just bother us, they can bother and become a danger to our pets as well. At Modern Pest Control we know how much you love your pets and we want to help you protect your beloved furry family members from pests! Listed below are a few of the pests that can become a danger to your pets, followed by how Modern’s professionals can help to protect you and your pets from them!

Top 5 Pests You Need To Protect Your Pets From


Mosquitoes don’t just feed on the blood of people; they will also relentlessly attack your pets. Several species of mosquitoes have the potential to be carries of parasitic heartworms, when an infected mosquito feeds on the blood of a dog, the parasitic worm is introduced where it can cause serious health complications including death, if not the dog is not treated.


Ticks are a blood feeding parasitic pest that feeds on a wide variety of hosts including people, wild animals, livestock, and unfortunately our pets. Ticks are known for spreading serious diseases that can greatly affect the health of people infected. The same goes for our pets, our pets can also be infected Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and many other diseases, which if not treated can greatly affect your pet's health.


Fleas are yet another blood feeding pest that can attack our pets. Fleas bite our pets leaving behind red bumps that are very itchy and can lead to them becoming very uncomfortable. If your pet is allergic to the saliva of fleas they may develop an allergic dermatitis which can cause excessive scratching that can lead to a secondary infection that will need to be medically treated. Also, pets that are heavily infested with fleas can develop anemia and fleas also have the potential to transfer parasitic tapeworms to pets.

Stinging Insects

Just like it is important to protect yourself and children from the painful and potentially life threatening stings of bees, wasps, yellow jacks and other stinging insects it is important to protect your pets. Stinging insects will protect themselves or their nest from the nose of a nosy pet without hesitation and just like in people, dogs, cats, and other pets can have a severe allergic reaction to the venom that has been injected into their bodies. If your pet is ever stung and shows signs of breathing difficulties you need to seek immediate medical attention for them.


In our area we don’t just have easy going nuisance ant species, we have ant species that are mean and mean business when protecting themselves and nest from a perceived danger. The fire ant is one such species of ant that you need to protect your pets from. Fire ants attack in large groups delivering very painful stings that can cause severe health problems for a dog, cat or other small pets that have been attacked.

At Modern Pest Control we want to protect you and your family from dangerous pests and we know that your pets are part of your family. We can control many of the above pests through our year-round residential pest control services or through our targeted pest control services that are listed below.

  • Ant Control

  • Bee Control

  • Mosquito Control

Start protecting your pets from dangerous pests with the help of the South Texas pest control experts here at Modern Pest Control!

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