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  • Customer-Focused Approach

    With a focus on customer satisfaction, we boast over 1000 5-star Google reviews, offer free inspections, maintain consistency by assigning the same technician whenever possible, and provide flexible scheduling options, ensuring an easy and customer-friendly service experience.

  • Industry Leadership and Involvement

    We actively participate in national and Texas pest control associations and are accredited by Quality Pro demonstrating our commitment to industry standards, professionalism, and food safety.

  • Values Centered Around Community

    Dedicated to community welfare for over 70 years, our third-generation family-owned business actively engages in philanthropy and community service, fostering a sense of responsibility beyond pest control.

  • Commitment to Integrated Pest Management

    Providing sustainable and eco-friendly pest control solutions, prioritizing integrated pest management practices to ensure effective results with minimal environmental impact.

How Modern Pest Resolves Rodent Problems

At Modern Pest Control, our licensed and certified pest technicians have over 70 years of experience providing safe and effective rodent control and rodent removal to Katy, and the surrounding area. If you’re experiencing a rodent infestation, or you are afraid you could be at risk, let us help you take back your property - and keep it protected for the future.

Modern Pest offers complete residential and commercial rodent control in Houston by following a proven three-step system for rodent exclusion:


After contacting us for a consultation, one of our licensed and trained pest control technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to diagnose any signs of animal or pest presence. After determining potential entry points such as breezeways, utility access points, or openings along the roofline, he or she will be able to quote a price for rodent removal based on the size and severity of the infestation.


Based on our findings, we’ll implement a plan to target any rodents or other pests inside your structure. For rodents, this means utilizing strategically-placed trapping devices to target the source of the infestation.


With all the rodents on the premises trapped, we’ll then exclude them from the home or business before sealing any active openings or potential pest points using heavy gauge screens and metal screws. We won’t just conduct through measures for rodent removal, we’ll keep it from ever coming back.

How to Tell if Mice are Gone? 

Determining whether mice have been effectively eradicated from your Texas residence is essential to maintain a safe and healthy living space. Here are some signs to look for to confirm that mice are gone:

  • No Sightings: One of the most obvious signs that mice are gone is the absence of sightings. If you no longer spot mice running about your home or discover signs of their presence, like droppings, this likely means the infestation has been addressed.
  • No Droppings or Urine Smells: Fresh droppings and urine smells are telltale signs of an active mouse infestation. If you no longer discover fresh droppings or notice any persistent urine odors, it suggests that the mice have been eliminated.
  • No Gnaw Marks or Damage: Mice are known for chewing on a variety of items, including furniture, walls, and electrical wiring. If you no longer find new gnaw marks or damage around your home, it suggests that the mice have been eradicated.
  • No Nesting Materials: Mice use various materials like paper, fabric, and insulation to build their nests. If you no longer come across these materials spread throughout your home, it indicates that the mice have been eliminated.
  • Pest Control Follow-up: If you've enlisted the services of a professional pest control company like Modern Pest Control, they will typically schedule a follow-up visit to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and ensure that the mice are indeed gone.

If you've noticed these signs and are confident that the mice are gone, it is still advisable to take preventive measures to keep them from returning. Maintain a mouse-free home by sealing any entry points, keeping your home clean, storing food airtight, and getting regular pest control services.

At Modern Pest Control, we specialize in effective and humane mouse removal services in Texas. Contact us today for comprehensive pest control solutions to ensure that your home remains free from mice and other unwanted pests.

If you’re experiencing a rodent removal, or other residential pest extermination service, contact us online or give us a call at (281) 214-8066 for a free consultation!

Hear From Our Happy Customers

At Modern Pest Control, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our customers have to say about working with us.

  • "Great Work!"
    I am really happy with this company and their service. They do get the job done and are nice.
    - Stela D.
  • "Always 5-Star Service!"
    We have used Modern Pest for the last four years. Our technician, Donnie, offers phenomenal service!
    - Lesley L.
  • "Great Customer Service"
    I want to give a shout-out to both Michelle, who works in the office, and Alex Guzman, an onsite technician, both were AWESOME!!
    - Cindy G.
  • "Friendly and Helpful"
    This is my second time using their service and thoroughly satisfied with the entire process.
    - Devina P.
  • "Highly Recommend!"
    They are always on time and answer any questions you have!
    - Sayler E.
  • "Professional and Efficient"
    I have used Modern Pest Control for many years. They have always been professional and they get results.
    - Stephen B.
  • "Long-Time Customer"
    We have used Modern Pest Control for many years with good results. Other relatives, as well, for over several decades with similar results.
    - Ken A.
  • "Happy Customer!"
    I have had the rodent exclusion service from Modern Pest Control for over 3 years. They are always professional and responsive.
    - Andre G.

Greater Houston Rodent Prevention Tips

With so much at stake, you can’t afford to leave your home at risk of rodent infestation. Here are some quick prevention tips to safeguard your Houston-area property against rats and mice:

  • Know What To Look For: Inspect your home thoroughly for tell-tale signs of rodent infestation, including droppings, gnaw marks, fur, nesting material, shredded paper or insulation, signs of chewing on food packaging, and holes in walls or flooring. Many homeowners with rodent infestations also report a stale smell throughout the house. If you find rodents inside your house, especially in the daytime, it’s an almost certain sign of a larger rodent problem.
  • Know Where To Look: Inspect common areas for rodent biting or nesting in your home, including around walls and flooring, baseboards, furniture, attic spaces, the garage, in and around plumbing, behind wall voids, in crawl spaces, and in any areas with stacks of clothing or other potential nesting material. Outside the house, check the exterior foundation, walls, gutters, and roof.
  • Know When To Look: Rodents are primarily nocturnal, so consider re-inspecting your home with a flashlight at night. Likewise, keep an ear out for any signs of scratching or gnawing as it could lead you to the source of the infestation.
  • Eliminate Food Sources: Deny rodent invaders of any food or water source. Keep all food around the house in sealed containers (including pet food) or in the refrigerator. Don’t leave garbage cans out for too long, as the food left inside can attract unwanted house guests, and vacuum regularly to keep crumbs off the floor.
  • Call A Professional: Unfortunately, most home and business owners aren’t equipped to fully eliminate a rodent infestation on their own. It’s always best to call a certified professional to help with permanent rodent removal.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 281-214-8066 today!

  • How do you control rodents?

    Rodents are dangerous pests that spread illnesses and cause serious damage to your house. Controlling a rodent infestation requires skill, experience, and attention to detail. Modern Pest Control provides rodent control using a variety of methods that are proven to work.

  • How much does rodent control cost?

    Each rodent infestation is unique and requires a different combination of treatment methods. If you have a rodent problem, we'll perform an inspection of your home, then provide you with a quote based on the treatment plan we draw up for your house.

  • How to control pests and rodents?

    A home that is unprotected can easily become infested by pests and rodents. In order to control them, you need the proper pest or rodent control systems in place. While you can do some pest control yourself, professional pest control gives you the extra peace of mind.

  • What is rodent control?

    Rodent control is a combination of services and treatments designed to remove rodents from your home and prevent future infestations. These services and treatments include setting up traps and bait stations and performing sanitation and exclusion work.

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