Your Comprehensive Solution For Ticks In Pearland
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Your Comprehensive Solution For Ticks In Pearland

Most Texas homeowners probably don't think they need to think about ticks unless they are hiking, camping, or doing something else in the wilderness. However, if you ignore ticks, you could wind up with a breeding population of ticks on your property that could set you up for more exposure to tick-borne illnesses than you would ever get in the woods. Let us help with our effective pest control services in Pearland.

Why Ticks Are A Common Problem For Pearland Residents

Tick season in Texasis almost year-round, unfortunately. Especially here in East Texas, our warm and moist climate, coupled with the excess of vegetation that all our rain brings, creates the perfect environment for ticks to thrive. And the fact that our winters don't last long means you have to worry about ticks for nine or ten months out of the year. 

All this means getting a breeding population of ticks on your property is actually quite easy. Since there are so many ticks in the general environment, it doesn't take much for them to find their way to you.

When they do find their way onto your property, ticks can cause a lot of problems because of the diseases they carry. Many different species of ticks carry serious illnesses that can lead to lifelong disability. Lyme disease is the most common and infamous tick-borne illness. This bacterial infection attacks multiple body systems, including the cardiovascular and nervous systems. If not caught early, its symptoms will be lifelong. That's why it's better to avoid being bitten by ticks at all. 

How Ticks Get Onto Pearland Properties

Ticks don't just bite people. Ticks bitealmost everything that moves. Any warm-blooded animal has the potential to host a tick, and this is the problem. Ticks embed themselves in the skin of their hosts and travel around with them while they feed. They then drop off the host after they are full and remain wherever they find themselves.

This means ticks typically hitch a ride onto your property in one of three ways. They travel on wildlife that invades your property, they travel on pets, or they travel on you. Protecting your pets and yourself is a lot easier than keeping wildlife away from your property.

All you have to do to prevent ticks from hitching a ride home on you or your pets is keep your pets on veterinary-approved flea and tick medication and wear appropriate protective clothing and bug repellent when traveling to places you know ticks will be. Keeping wildlife from bringing ticks onto your property is another matter. 

How Am I Attracting Ticks?

In Texas, your tick controlis only as good as your wildlife control. If you protect yourself in the wilderness and treat your pets, wildlife is the main attractant to your property for ticks. This means you will need to do everything in your power to prevent wildlife from coming onto your property and leaving eight-legged presents behind. To do this: 

  • Keep all outdoor garbage in wildlife-proof containers. 
  • Store any outdoor foods, such as pet foods or livestock feed, in specialized containers that wildlife cannot open. 
  • Never leave pet food sitting out in bowls. Feed pets and put uneaten food away.
  • Eliminate as many easy water sources as possible, such as kiddie pools and bird baths.
  • Consider using scare tactics like fake hawks and owls around your property. You will need to move these to different places every couple of days. 

Taking these measures can help reduce your property's attractiveness to ticks by reducing the time that wildlife spends on it.

The Only Reliable Solution For Ticks In Pearland

It's a lot harder to get rid of ticks once you have an established infestation on your property because there are not a lot of tick control products on the market that actually work. Sprays and foggers that you can buy at the store will often kill a handful of the ticks on your property, but they are unlikely to eliminate an entire infestation. That's why the best thing you can do if you wind up with a breeding population of ticks is to call the experts here at Modern Pest Control. 

As our name suggests, we stay on top of all the latest and greatest tick preventionand elimination technologies and techniques. Where store-bought products fail, we succeed. We are fully equipped to eliminate entire tick populations and are dedicated to protecting our customers from these dangerous parasites. So don't risk exposure to life-changing tick-borne illnesses. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Pearland.

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