Avoiding Ticks In Katy Texas This Summer
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Avoiding Ticks In Katy Texas This Summer

When it comes to pests, some are a nuisance, some cause minor problems, and some are downright dangerous. Ticks fall into the latter category. Depending on the type of tick, they transmit a number of serious illnesses, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, Lyme disease, and anaplasmosis—to name only a few. Because of the dangers, they bring, avoiding ticks in Katy, Texas this summer should be a priority.

When Is Tick Season In Katy?

While ticks typically slow down in the winter months, when spring arrives they become more active again. Summer and fall are their most active seasons, which makes them the most likely seasons for you, a family member, or a pet to end up with a tick.

How To Avoid Ticks This Summer

Understanding where you’re most likely to encounter ticks in Texas will help you avoid them. Wooded areas are often filled with ticks. Since ticks typically use wildlife as their first hosts, they often end up on your property by dropping off the backs of wildlife that are walking through your yard.

Pets often pick up ticks while out in the yard, or wandering along the treeline of your property, or into the woods. Once ticks get onto your pets, they can bring them into your home to present the risk of a family member ending up with the tick on them.

These tips will help reduce your chances of ending up with ticks on you, your family, your pets, or in your house.

  • When spending time in the woods, wear long light-colored pants sprayed with DEET. Check yourself over upon returning home

  • Make your yard unattractive to wildlife to reduce the number of ticks that end up on your lawn. Do this by removing food sources, tightly covering garbage bins, reducing water sources, removing lawn debris, and decluttering your yard.

  • Fence in an area for your pets to play outside so they can’t go into the woods.

  • Keep your pets up to date on tick treatments.

  • Reduce humidity levels in your home. Ticks need a lot of moisture to survive.

The Best Way To Avoid Ticks In Katy This Summer

While all of the tips above will help, it’s still possible for ticks to get onto your property and potentially into your home. Modern Pest Control offers tick-reduction services to treat your property and keep ticks away. Don’t fool around with a dangerous pest. Contact Modern today.

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