Guide To A Pest-Free 2018

Guide To A Pest-Free 2018

Do you make a New Year's resolution? If you do, we'd like to offer a suggestion. How about you decide to start 2018 off pest-free. Wouldn't that be sweet? Here is a quick guide that will help you start the new year off right.

5 Steps To A Pest-Free Home

  • Reduce hiding places in your yard - Bugs and wildlife are always looking for harborage. They'll hide under leaf piles, discarded toys, an old tire, a pile of construction materials, and that refrigerator you've been meaning to haul off to the dump. Reducing clutter can reduce pests.

  • Reduce food in your yard - An open trash is an open invitation to a banquet. Make sure your exterior trash is in sealed and secured cans. If you have lots of plants, you'll have lots of insects. And if you have lots of insects, you'll have spiders and other bugs that eat those insects. Anything you do to reduce one pest will help to reduce all pests.

  • Reduce moisture in your yard - Leaky spigots, clogged gutters, compacted ground, areas of shade, and other conditions can create moisture problems. This will lure moisture pests in close to your foundation walls. Addressing moisture will give you a better chance of keeping pests out.

  • Seal your walls - When bugs or wildlife explore your walls, it is important that they don't find a way in. Routine inspections and patching holes are essential pest control for any home. If you're not able to fix holes properly, use a caulking gun to fill them until you can get around to doing those repairs. Pay close attention to windows, doors, pipes, and electrical conduit, where entry points are most likely to be.

  • Reinforce your walls - This is where Modern Pest Control can help. While the above steps will help to reduce all the pests in your yard and help to keep them out, professional pest control finishes the job by providing inspections, monitoring, targeted treatments, and ongoing pest pressure assessment. This will keep termites from eating your home, overwintering pests from congregating on your walls, and reduce the threat of harmful pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fire ants, wasps, and more.

Creating a pest-free home and a protected yard is a team effort. Let the Greater Houston pest control experts at Modern Pest Control give you the best chance of having a pest-free home in 2018. The turning of the year is all about making things a little better than the year before. We look forward to helping you do that.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Modern Pest Control.

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