3 Reasons Termites Invade Houston Homes
Terminal Termites

3 Reasons Termites Invade Houston Homes

There is really only one reason termites get into Houston homes. It is because a home has wood in it and termites consume wood for the cellulose that is inside. Cellulose is a carbohydrate, like sugar. So, to a subterranean termite, you're living in a giant gingerbread house.

Is Termite Damage In Houston A Big Deal?

Termite damage is no small matter! Your Houston property can become significantly damaged if you don't deal with an infestation quickly. Eventually, the structural integrity and physical fortitude of your property's wooden structures can be compromised, leading to expensive repairs or replacements!

Instead of dealing with that, put termites in their place with the help of Modern Pest Control! We'll come out to your home or business building and conduct a thorough termite inspection to assess the extent of the problem. During that inspection, we'll also be able to determine how much property damage has already occurred. We can also make recommendations to stop termite infestations from happening again in the future!

Once we understand the type of problem we're dealing with, we can curate a customized termite control treatment plan for you. Then, we'll be able to schedule the service and get rid of those damage-causing, wood-eating termites for good!

There's no better company to rely on to help you stop termites from damaging your property in Houston! Choose to work with us to ensure the job gets done completely and correctly. 

There are some specific reasons that can cause subterranean termites to choose your Houston home over your neighbor's home. We're looking at these today.

1. Wood Around Your Home

Before termites feed on the wood in your home, it is likely that they will feed on a food source in your yard. If you have an old wooden fence, termites are going to love you for it. If you have an old shed, deck, or barn, termites will take notice. If you have woodpiles, brush piles, logs, stumps, or some other source of dead or decaying wood, termites will feed and grow their colonies on your property. You can resist termites by reducing the available food sources around your home, making it more difficult for worker termites to get to food.

2. Damp Conditions

Subterranean termites require moisture to survive. They have thin skins. They also know that decaying wood is in moist environments. If the soil around your Houston home is moist, these termites are more likely to explore near your home. When they do, they may decide to build shelter tubes up your foundation walls and begin to feed on the wood of your home. Everything you do to reduce ground saturation will help reduce your risk of termite infestation.

3. Direct Contact With Wood

While subterranean termites can feed on any home, they have a much easier time feeding on a home that has wood-to-soil contact. Often, it is a wooden deck, patio, or porch that provides this contact. Most homes are built on concrete walls or concrete piers. It is the exterior structures built after the initial structures that tend to have woo-to-soil contact. Do a check for this kind of contact and do what you can to alter the conditions that allow this contact to happen.

Termite Protection

There are three ways you can protect your home. The first is to remove the attractants and alter the conditions that increase your chances of having an infestation. The second is to learn how to tell if your home is safe from termites. Third, consider investing in professional termite control. Termite damage can be prevented with the right products and the right application of those products. We would love the opportunity to tell you how we protect Houston homes and businesses with the Sentricon® System with Always Active technology. When you have Sentricon® protecting your property, not only will you be protected, you'll know if your home is ever targeted by termites.

For information about Sentricon® or to schedule service, call or email us today. Our team of certified professionals is standing by to assist you.

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