How A Cockroach Treatment Can Keep You Protected For The Summer
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How A Cockroach Treatment Can Keep You Protected For The Summer

Have you noticed that we have cockroaches in the Houston area? If you're currently dealing with a cockroach infestation, you may be nodding your head right now like, "Boy, do we have a lot of cockroaches in the Houston area!" When roaches invade a home, things can quickly get out of hand, and it doesn't take long for roaches to start ruining summer activities. While it might make for a memorable moment, no one really wants to have a cockroach zip up a wall at top speed just as they're about to sing Happy Birthday. You may get a good laugh from the pandemonium that is likely to break out but that roach is going to make a bad impression on your guests. When you grab some meat to throw on the grill and find a cockroach bathing in the juices, there won't be anything to laugh about. That isn't just gross, it is cause for serious concern. And when cockroaches decide they're going to celebrate the 4th of July with you by nibbling on your chip dip from the edge of the bowl, you're likely to have some feelings about that as well, feelings that won't produce laughter. Cockroaches do not make summer activities more fun. If you're planning some gatherings for this summer, protect your fun and protect your health by investing in a professional cockroach treatment. Those cockroaches aren't going to go away on their own and DIY cockroach treatments are rarely successful.

Why Is DIY Cockroach Control So Difficult?

There are many reasons. Here are a few of the big ones:

  • Many natural remedies have absolutely no effect on cockroaches. You can powder, spray, and lay traps all day long and have little or no impact on the roach population in your home.

  • Cockroaches are wired to avoid threats. If you apply treatments that actually kill roaches, a large portion of the cockroach population is going to avoid it. This has a lot to do with personality types within a cockroach collective. There are only a few roaches that have the "brave" trait. That is to say, only a few will venture out into the unknown with no concern for their own safety. Most hide and wait till food is found and the way looks safe. When brave cockroaches die, the others avoid the location and wait till food is found somewhere else.

  • Cockroaches can develop a cuticle (skin) that is resistant to chemicals that are used to kill them. When homeowners attempt to spray roaches into oblivion, they often end up with super roaches that are resistant to pesticides.

  • Cockroaches breed fast. Have you heard the term, breeding like rabbits? Yeah, rabbits don't have anything on cockroaches.

  • One female cockroach can lay two egg cases a week, each containing as many as 16 eggs, when she is at her peak. It doesn't take long for a handful of cockroaches to turn into an army.

  • There are few insects that are as mobile or as resourceful as cockroaches. They can climb walls and walk across ceilings using appendages that have claws and suction cups. When they get to a tiny gap, they can compress their bodies and push their legs out to the sides to scratch their way through. If cockroaches are spooked, they can use their unique mobility to hide deep in the walls of your home and make it even more difficult to eliminate them.

How A Professional Cockroach Treatment Works

The best solution for cockroaches in Greater Houston is to contact Modern Pest Control. Our highly trained pest professionals use field-tested products and strategies to ensure the elimination of cockroaches.

  • Before the treatment, you'll be given a checklist so that you can prepare for your cockroach treatment and help to ensure its success.

  • On the day of the treatment, a detailed inspection will be performed by your technician and appropriate treatments will be applied. Your treatment may include the use of HEPA vacuums to pick up adult and juvenile cockroaches, the setting of cockroach baits, an application of products with insect growth regulators and a limited and targeted use of liquid insecticides. After the treatment, there may be follow-up treatments as necessary to ensure complete control.

For more information or to schedule service, reach out to us today for immediate assistance. Modern Pest Control serves the Greater Houston area with industry-leading pest control solutions. We can help you protect your summer fun from cockroach party crashers.

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