A Helpful Guide To Crazy Ant Control For Houston Property Owners
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A Helpful Guide To Crazy Ant Control For Houston Property Owners

However, space travel might not be Houston’s craziest feature, especially when you consider the frustrating number of crazy ants trying to invade many local properties. While it's their frantic movements that earn them their name, an infestation can drive you crazy before you even realize you have a problem.

Unique Home Invaders

Crazy ants are some of the most unique ants on the planet, set apart because of their looks and their actions. There are many species of crazy ants, but the species that invades Houston homes the most is the tawny crazy ant. Also known as the Rasberry crazy ant, these pests are usually red or light brown in color. They’re only 1/8” long, but they travel the world by stowing away inside of goods being transported on ships and airplanes.
Another unique feature of these ants is that they are carnivorous, always looking to eat other insects (even other ant species) by utilizing their long, skinny legs to capture their prey. Equipped with powerful jaws, these ants can tear through other insects and deliver a painful bite to humans.
Along with their diet, their rate of reproduction is crazy as well. While most ant colonies have just one queen, crazy ant colonies feature multiple queens laying hundreds of eggs each. Even inside of a house, crazy ant colonies have been found to reach sizes of over a million worker ants.
The most concerning difference between crazy ants and regular ants is their preference to live inside no matter what the weather is like. Typically, ants will stay outside until the temperatures begin to drop, but crazy ants will inhabit your home during the entire year, and they pose an even larger threat to your stored food. 
Frustratingly enough, you may find them living inside of your electronics or destroying the wiring within your walls. Plus, they’ll even get bold enough to attack any honeybees you may enjoy having on your property. Nothing is safe from these robust ants.

Avoiding An Infestation

With the nearly infinite amount of frustrations that crazy ants can bring onto your property, avoiding an infestation should be a top priority. Once they invade your home, there is not much you can do to get them out by yourself, especially considering their rapid rate of reproduction. Fortunately, though, there are some things you can do to prevent an infestation.
Store-bought sprays have provided inconsistent results at best for most homeowners because they simply don’t know where to spray. Since crazy ants will roam around sporadically, there are no organized ant trails or gatherings. 
A similar problem will come up if you try to use baits around the house. Since crazy ants will invade multiple areas of your property and change their traveling patterns regularly, finding an effective location for the bait will be a severe headache. (Plus, these baits can put your children and pets in danger of illness).
For the prevention methods that actually keep crazy ants out of your home, Modern Pest Control is your solution. If you’re looking for guaranteed protection from these invasive ants, then give us a call today. 
If you’ve already incurred an infestation, our professional pest technicians have the eradication solutions you can count on to get rid of crazy ants. Don’t wait until you’re overrun by their rapid rate of reproduction. Call Modern Pest Control today.

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