Bed Bug Awareness Week
Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Awareness Week

The peak travel season is almost here. What better time to brush up on bed bug facts? Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests that spread more quickly when humans travel, and we're about to do the most traveling we do all year. That is why the Professional Pest Management Alliance has set this year's Bed Bug Awareness Week for June 4-10. If you'd like to take part in increasing awareness for what bed bugs are and how they spread, we've put together these facts for you to share through social media.

Bed Bug Tweets

  • Take some time to look for black streaks, tiny white eggs, shed insect shells, and other signs of bed bugs when you travel. #BedBugWeek.

  • Bed bugs are equal opportunity infestors. They can be found in the cleanest and most well-kept homes and businesses. #BedBugWeek.

  • Bed bug protection begins with a bed bug inspection. Stay safe when you travel. Learn how to quickly inspect for these bugs. #BedBugWeek.

  • When returning from a trip, be sure to wash all your fabrics on the hottest temperature to destroy bed bugs in all stages. #BedBugWeek.

  • When a bed bug hatches, it is pale, transparent, and about the size of a pen tip. This is the bed bug you're most likely to see #BedBugWeek.

Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs don't just live in hotels and motels. You can get bed bugs on your way to your accommodations. These bugs have been found in almost all forms of public transportation.

  • Bed bugs have been found in movie theaters, libraries, retail outlets, and more. Remember to keep an eye out for them, no matter where you are.

  • Take the time to do a bed bug inspection. Check mattresses and box spring seams for black residue, black streaks, blood stains, tiny white eggs, shed insect skins, or tiny six-legged bugs crawling around. Bed bugs are between 1 and 4.5 millimeters, pale to rusty-brown, with six legs, two antennae, andan abdomen that is bloated after it has had a blood meal.

  • Bed bug awareness is the most powerful weapon in the war on bed bugs. Stay informed, and keep an eye out for these tiny bugs wherever you go.

The most important fact of all is to be aware that bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of without an education in the entomology of these insects and training in advance bed bug protocols. When these blood eating pests appear in your home, call a professional pest control company like Modern Pest Control for bed bug control services that work.

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