Why You Can Trust Modern Pest Control For Cockroach Problems In Greater Houston
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Why You Can Trust Modern Pest Control For Cockroach Problems In Greater Houston

If you live in the Greater Houston area, you know what a cockroach is. Roaches do quite well here and they are very plentiful. But to know about an insect and actually "knowing" an insect are two different things. Most people can describe a cockroach and share a disgusting cockroach experience but few people know how vile cockroaches really are. These bugs are drawn to filth like a magnet. They're as happy in a dead, rotting animal carcass as they are on a pastrami sandwich. That is why they are linked to more than 33 kinds of bacteria, 7 human pathogens, 6 parasitic worms, and present other health concerns for Texas homes. So cockroach prevention is essential for Houston homes and businesses. But all cockroach control methods are not equally effective. In fact, some fall drastically short of solving roach problems.

Factors That Attract Cockroaches To Your Home In Greater Houston

Seeing one cockroach in your home is enough to induce panic, and that is for good reason. These unhygienic scavengers can transmit many dangerous diseases, and you do not want them around your loved ones. There are many reasons why they might have settled inside your house, but here are the most common culprits:

  • They can find plenty of food. From human food to pet food, including crumbs, grease, and garbage, cockroaches aren't picky and can often find enough to eat wherever there are people. 
  • Your home is high in moisture. Like most other pests, cockroaches need water to survive. Eliminating damp areas like leaky pipes and standing water can go a long way in deterring them. 
  • Your home is cluttered. Because cockroaches prefer to live in clutter, cleaning up your home and getting rid of piles of newspapers, cardboard boxes, etc., can make it less hospitable.
  • Your home provides convenient entry points. Multiple pests can enter through small cracks and crevices. A professional pest control service technician can help you identify these entry points and show you how to seal them. 

To lower the risk of a cockroach infestation, working with a professional pest control company and keeping your home clean, dry, and free of access points is best.

Why Cockroaches Are So Difficult To Eliminate 

Call Pest OPS to schedule a no-obligation inspection and discover how our cockroach control strategies can protect your Greater Houston home from these disease-carrying pests.

If you "know" cockroaches, then you'll know that they are extraordinarily good at avoiding extermination. There are many reasons for this. Here are a few examples:

  • When the lights are flicked off and you go to bed, all the roaches in your house are not going to immediately come out of their hiding places and begin feeding. Only the brave roaches do. If something happens to those brave roaches as they're looking for food, other roaches take notice and avoid dangerous areas. This will render your pest control treatments ineffective.

  • As roaches develop, they can build a tolerance to chemicals. Improper treatments can create super roaches that are immune to insecticides. This increases the difficulty of getting rid of them.

  • Some people try to hide food from cockroaches. Good luck with that. A roach can live without food for a month, and without water for a week. You're going to have a hard time starving these insects. Worse still, cockroaches eat many things you would not consider to be food such as glue, toothpaste, hair, soap, paper, and feces.

  • Cockroaches breed fast. A newborn German cockroach can mature into an adult in as little as 36 days. That means every month you're going to have a new generation of cockroaches in your home. It is possible for cockroaches to reproduce faster than your ability to kill them off.

There are a lot of suggestions on the internet for how to get rid of cockroaches. Most of them fall short of stopping cockroach problems because they just aren't comprehensive enough. You can't lay down a dozen cockroach traps and stop an infestation. It doesn't work. Ever. You're also not likely to stop a cockroach infestation by spraying every corner of your home. In fact, that could make you extremely sick. An effective cockroach treatment has several steps that need to be done properly to prevent cockroaches from evading extermination.

The Team At Modern Is Experts At Eliminating Cockroaches From Houston Homes And Businesses

At Modern Pest Control, our service professionals are trained in the habits and habitats of cockroaches. They are aware of the behavior patterns cockroaches follow that can neutralize cockroach control. This is vital for success.

Our service team members also focus on the source of the problem, not just the symptom. Killing cockroaches doesn't stop a cockroach infestation. Killing cockroaches can actually give you a false sense of security. You may stop seeing cockroaches while those cockroaches are still coming out at night to spread illness around your kitchen and your home.

Treatments done by your Modern Pest Control Technician will be performed in a systematic way to address the source of the problem, not the symptom. While they will certainly work to eliminate cockroaches within your home, they'll also put in place EPA products and control devices that will stop new roaches from replacing the roaches that have been exterminated.

If you're seeing cockroaches in your Houston area home, get comprehensive cockroach control from the professionals at Modern Pest Control. The last thing you need is a false sense of security when it comes to cockroaches. These insects can make you and your family very sick. Get every last one of them out of your home and get a barrier installed around your home that will prevent new infestations from taking root.

It is easy to get started. Schedule a free inspection for your Houston-area home and we'll send a friendly and experienced professional right to you. From there, you can decide what to do next based on what your technician uncovers. Don't live one more day with those dirty roaches. It just isn't worth it.

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