The Dangers Of Cockroaches In Your Houston Home
Cockroach eating a cookie.

The Dangers Of Cockroaches In Your Houston Home

Between their hairy legs, notable size for an insect, wall-crawling and ceiling scaling skills, substantial durability, and potential to sprout wings at any moment and fly at you, cockroaches have more than enough reason to be deemed the top contender in a fictional ‘most disgusting pest in the world’ competition. A huge number of people fear cockroaches even more than cockroaches fear the flicking on of a light bulb, but perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this insect lies outside of its appearance and innate capabilities.

The Risks Associated With Cockroaches As Carriers

So why are cockroaches such bad news? Why are they so dangerous to have around your home or business in Houston? It’s not just about looking gross – when these dirty little insects scurry around bathrooms or garbage dumps, they often pick up strands of bacteria. They become carriers – free transportation – for a number of germs and pathogens that are left behind on the walls and surfaces they come into contact with. If they make their way into a human residence, it is then only a matter of time before a cockroach’s oblivious roommates may grow ill. Roaches have been cited to carry diseases such as gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, cholera, salmonella, and E. Coli.
As cockroaches infest your Houston home, they will inevitably leave behind feces, saliva, or even molted body parts. Not only do these remains serve to spread contamination, but they are triggers for asthma. These asthmatic attacks are oftentimes allergic reactions to the cockroaches themselves and are especially dangerous for any children susceptible to asthma or allergy problems. Allergic reactions to roaches may also include symptoms such as sneezing, watery or red eyes, itching, rashes, and more. For these reasons, if cockroaches are uncovered, it is essential to the pest removal process to cleanse in addition to exterminating. Call the experts at Modern Pest Control today!

Tips For Preventing An Infestation Of Cockroaches

As if the question even needs to be asked, how do you keep roaches out of your Houston home? If you want to make it harder or less palatable for these pests to cozy up around you, there are a number of precautions you can take:

  • Be careful where around the house you eat! Cockroaches are incredible at sensing out the smallest crumbs and traces of previously eaten food.

  • Vacuum areas where you eat every few days, so as to eliminate the delectable fragrances that so often attract hungry insects.

  • Seek out and eliminate any entry point around your Houston home – roaches can squeeze through even the tightest holes. Examples include unsealed doors or windows, cracks along the foundation, and open utility pipes.

  • Don’t leave stray pieces of paper or cardboard boxes lying around. They serve as the perfect cover for insects scurrying off to hide.

  • There are vast arrays of insecticides that pest control specialists use to kill and ward away pests like cockroaches. However, there is a great risk of using these sprays, as they are often harmful to humans as well.

Don’t waste your time and money or risk your health with potentially toxic sprays! Don't let the cockroaches overtake your Houston home! Reach out to the professionals at Modern Pest Control at the first sign of cockroaches. They have proven prevention and removal strategies with personalized plans to keep you and your home safe and sound. Call Modern Pest Control today!

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