A Look Back At The Pest Problems Of 2017
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A Look Back At The Pest Problems Of 2017

Pests are always going to be around. No matter the season, no matter the place, nature persists and we have to deal with them. That being said, it is always a good idea to look back on the previous year to examine the pest pressures that caused the most concern, so that we can look forward and better anticipate the pest pressures to come. Here are the top 5 pests that caused the most concern in 2017.

5. Mice - Hardly the least worrying on the list, mice are the consummate pest, annoying, damaging, disgusting, and dangerous. Whether it's scrabbling around inside the walls or leaving nasty presents in the cupboard, they can make life miserable. Even worse is the damage they can cause to your belongings and your house itself with their constant chewing, and worst of all is the risk of disease, which mice are known to carry. Exclusion is the best method for preventing mice, which could mean hard work to seal up your house, especially if it's an older building; if it can keep the mice out, though, it's worth it.

4. Spiders - Though generally less dangerous or damaging than most pests, spiders are here because they are so common. They can be found in corners and crawlspaces, and like to spread out to find their own individual territory. Beyond the annoyance of cobwebs or the spiders themselves around your home, and the relatively small risk of encountering a dangerous species, spiders are worth taking note of because they hunt insects, and a spider population may indicate other pests in the house. Seeing spiders in your home should prompt you to do a full inspection to determine if you need to address other issues that may have gone unnoticed.

3. Mosquitoes - So common they are almost too obvious to mention, mosquitoes are often the creature that comes to mind when we hear the word pest. Mosquito bites are infuriatingly itchy, and the menace of disease is always a scary thought, if not frightfully common in America. Mosquitoes thrive where there is standing water to lay eggs in, tall grass or shrubs to hide in, and warm-blooded creatures to feast on. If this describes your house, then you don't need to be told just how bad they can get.

2. Ticks - Ticks are one of those pests who have come to the forefront of the pest control fight fairly recently, as the spread of Lyme disease and other tick-borne ailments has gained national recognition. While ticks won't do well inside your home, their presence is often enough to keep people from enjoying the outdoors, and unless you are proactive they can be a tremendous pain to keep watch for. Ticks live mainly on the edges of wooded areas, as well as in tall grass or fallen leaves. Keeping your lawn cut and cleaned, and maintaining a neat border on any woods can help keep ticks away from your yard, and keeping ticks away can help you avoid some truly dangerous health risks.

1. Termites - Quiet and unobtrusive, termites can industriously devastate a home if not dealt with. Their ability to form far-flung colonies, their talent for staying out of sight, and their healthy appetite for wood can be a nightmare for the unwary homeowner. Keeping a sharp eye out for the shed wings of termites looking to form new colonies, for mud tubes that they use to travel out of sight even up your foundation, and for the kick-out holes they make and the frass (droppings) they leave under them can help you identify an infestation before you start to see sagging wall and ceilings, indicating that costly damage is occurring.

Whether it's these top five contenders or other pests that have got you worried, Modern Pest Control of Katy, TX is standing by to step in and shift the momentum in your fight to keep your home safe and happy. We'll put our experience and proven pest treatment methods to work to free your home of pests, and leave you smiling in the knowledge that once they're gone, we can also help keep pests from coming back. Serving Katy and the Greater Houston Metro, give Modern Pest Control a call and find out what we can do for you.

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