Why Rodents Are Still Breaking Into Houston Homes In The Winter
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Why Rodents Are Still Breaking Into Houston Homes In The Winter

After reading the title above, you may be thinking, “Didn’t I hear somewhere that rodents hibernate through the winter?” You probably did, and it is true that many rodents do hibernate through the freezing winter months. However, as we all know here in Houston, Texas, the weather hardly ever gets cold enough for animals to hibernate. This means that rodents remain active year-round, thriving in the warm humid weather and invading homes as they see fit--along with scavenging for food and spreading diseases to their heart's content.

Seemingly Infinite Numbers

Rodents are commonly known for their ability to reproduce, and, here in Texas, our warm humid weather creates the optimal environment for them to do so. Did you know that the average female mouse can have 5-10 litters each year? With 5-6 babies per litter, at maximum, that is 600 mice in a year! And that’s just one mouse. Add on the fact that mice mature and can reproduce after 30 days and you have a real problem on your hands—and that’s just mice! Though all rodents have different numbers when it comes to reproduction, one fact remains the same. Given a short amount of time, a small infestation can turn into an overwhelming invasion.

Factors That Could Be Putting Your Home At Risk

If your home doesn’t have a rodent living inside of its walls, then you can be sure that they are living very close by. The question is, why do rodents choose your home when looking to invade? To answer this question, we must first look at what a rodent is looking for when they are scouting out your home.

First and foremost, rodents need a way into your home before they can truly determine if it is a good fit for them. They can do this in a number of ways. Starting from the base of your home, smaller rodents will look for cracks and gaps found in your foundation. Invaders as small as a mouse need a hole only the width of a nickel to squeeze their way inside. Larger rodents may look for higher entry points by climbing to your roofline where they will check for any openings that could allow them in.

Once inside, a rodent will evaluate your home for the basic necessities of food, water, and shelter, all three of which are usually easily accessible in the average home. When it comes to food: if a rodent can get to it, they will scavenge it. As for shelter, the wall voids, and less-traveled dark, damp areas of your home supply that. When it comes to water, rodents can generally find this in the foods they eat, if not from other sources such as a leak or buildup found within your home.

Long story short, if rodents are able to invade your home (and if they find what they need in there) then you and your home are at risk. This is where we come in. Rodents are a year-round pest that requires a year-round pest control solution, and when it comes to pest solutions, there is none better for the job than Modern. If your Houston home has found itself the victim of a rodent infestation, contact Modern Pest today, and discover the benefits of a rodent-free home. Looking for rat removal Houston? Contact us today!

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