Why Do I Have Ants In My Home?
Ant crawling on the wall.

Why Do I Have Ants In My Home?

As with all questions, there is a simple answer and a complicated answer. The simple answer for why you have ants in your home is: ants never stop spreading. It was just a matter of time before they found a way in. But, the secret to how you can keep them out lies in understanding the more complicated answer to this question.

The reason you have ants in your home is that you haven't done what is necessary to keep them out. Ants are tiny creatures with incredible mobility. They can climb walls, walk across ceilings, and are able to pass through the holes in an outlet. Keeping them out of a home is nearly impossible without some form of pest control. Effective ant control requires the use of baits and insecticides--and baits and insecticides are best applied by a professional who understands how to use them and what safety measures are necessary. When ant control is done wrong, it can actually make ant problems worse.

Budding is a process that occurs in an ant colony that has more than one queen. When the colony is threatened, it splits into two or more colonies in order to ensure the survival of the species. This turns one nest into many. There are many ways a colony can feel threatened. Most often, budding occurs when a homeowner uses insecticides to kill ants on contact, or cleaners to clean areas where ants have been destroyed.

Types Of Ants In Texas

In our service area, there are several ant pests we deal with. The most common are fire ants, rover ants, tawny crazy ants, and carpenter ants. Each of these come with their own set of problems. Fire ants sting, and their stings can lead to complications for those who are allergic to them. Rover ants are common home invaders that are able to infest wall voids. Tawny crazy ants get into electrical boxes. And carpenter ants are wood-destroying pests. The best solution for all of these ant pests is ongoing pest control. When you have regular inspections and treatments from a professional, you take the battle to the ants, rather than waiting for them to appear in your home by the hundreds or thousands.

If you would like more information about ant threats in East Texas, or you would like to set up an initial inspection to see what pest pressures you have on your property, reach out to Modern Pest Control. We offer year-round service plans that give Texas homes the essential protection they need. Get your protection in place today.

Ant Control 101: A Complete Guide To For Texas Homeowners

Texas residents are no strangers to ants. The weather and location are wonderful for area residents and ants alike. Given their size, ants can get into nearly anything, and they are colony insects that take family and friends with them everywhere they go. If one ant decides that your house is a great place to make a home, rest assured that it will invite everyone it knows to come, too. Some ants can be aggressive, with venomous stings. Some ants can cause severe damage to your home's structural wood, forcing expensive repairs. 

Don't let ants move in without your permission. It is your house, and you should not have to share it with ants. Modern Pest Control knows how to handle ants. Call today, and let us be your company of choice for pest control in Texas.

The Habits And Behaviors Of Common Ants

Here are some facts about ants that can help you understand them better and help you prevent infestations in your home:

  • Ants follow trails. If an ant likes what it sees, it will leave trails so other ants can come.
  • Ants are colony insects. If your house looks good to them, all of them will move in.
  • Ants prefer to live close to food, water, and shelter. These are items your house may offer.
  • Ants protect their colony at all costs. Protecting the nest is why some ants can be so aggressive.

Ant control in Texas shouldn't be up to ineffective DIY efforts. Ants can be a serious problem, and you need serious help. Modern Pest Control knows how to kill ants. Call us today, and let us help you.

Why You Don't Want Ants Crawling Around Your Home

Ants in your home can cause a lot of grief. Ants love to get into food stores and are capable of getting into food that seems well-sealed. They will soil any food they infest. Ants can also be aggressive, with some capable of delivering venomous stings. Finally, ants can damage your home. Some types of ants damage structural wood, which can lead to further problems like cracks forming in walls or leaks. 

When you find ants in your home, you need ant control in your house. See ants? Contact Modern Pest Control immediately, and we will help you get rid of them. We know how to get rid of ants.

Common Factors That Attract Ants Into Your Home 

Here are some ant prevention tips that can help you in your fight against ants:

  • Exposed trash is the number one reason that ants will come. Seal trash tightly.
  • Seal your home well to make it harder for ants to come inside.
  • If ants find a snack inside your home, they will likely decide to stay.
  • Clutter offers nesting opportunities for ants. Clean up clutter to discourage ants.

Ant infestations get worse quickly. The faster you get rid of ants in your home, the better it is. Modern Pest Control knows all the latest ant control solutions, and we can help you with any ant problem. Call us when you have ants. 

Contact The Professionals For Total Ant Control For Your Home

Homeowners facing ant infestations should avoid trying DIY solutions. Ants are hard to control without knowing what you are up against, and they are prone to reappear. Ineffective DIY efforts can exacerbate an infestation by failing to eliminate the colony, which can eventually allow the infestation to grow worse. Working with professional pest control services from the beginning will enable you to safely and effectively control ants the right way the first time.

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