Fall Rodent-Proofing Guide For Homes In The Woodlands
Rodent eating in a corner.

Fall Rodent-Proofing Guide For Homes In The Woodlands

Rodents invading your home in search of warmth and food create serious issues if rodent-proofing isn’t put in place. Rodent control in The Woodlands provided by the professionals helps you defeat these dangerous pests.

Why Rodent Pressures Mount As Temperatures Fall

Rodents in The Woodlands are opportunistic pests, and these critters are likely to take advantage of sheltering spaces as the weather changes. Oftentimes, that means more risk for your home, as rodents will squeeze themselves through any gap or crack they can in order to nest around your property.

Additionally, food outdoors is more scarce during cold weather, and all rodents have the urge to find a safe, warm place to ride out the winter. Unfortunately for us, our homes around The Woodlands provide prime living spaces for rodents if proper rodent-proofing and control strategies aren’t in place.

Five Strategies To Rodent-Proof Your Woodlands Home

Rodent-proofing is essential for Woodlands homeowners who want to ensure these pests can make their way inside. Review our top five strategies for keeping rodent invaders at bay.

  1. Seal cracks around your property’s foundation, windows, and doors, as gaps or holes as small as a quarter can let rodents inside.
  2. Repair cracked roof tiles and place mesh screens over vented areas around attics to keep rodents outside.
  3. Utilize window and door screens to keep rodents outside of interior spaces and install weather stripping and door sweeps for added security.
  4. Cut back branches that might overhang roofs and clear debris or overgrown foliage outdoors, as these attract rodents who may want to hide before making their way inside.
  5. Ensure crawl spaces have screens over any vented areas to stop rodents from invading and keep exterior doors and windows closed when possible.

All of these tactics will help rodent-proof your Woodlands home. For more rodent prevention advice, contact Modern Pest Control.

Warning Signs That Your Home Already Has Rodents

When it comes to rodent infestations, these problems typically start small and out of sight. However, rodents are prolific, and a small problem quickly becomes a widespread, out-of-control infestation if you aren’t aware of key rodent infestation warning signs.

One of the biggest warning signs of rodent infestations is droppings and urine being left throughout your home - you will see visual proof of this, and large infestations lead to bad smells. Damaged food packaging from scavenging rodents, chewed corners or items, and nesting materials scattered throughout your property are also major signs of a rodent problem. 

If you see rodents around your property, especially during the day, it’s time to contact the rodent control professionals at Modern Pest Control, as sightings of one rodent typically mean there are many more just out of sight.

Why Rodent Problems Should Be Left To The Professionals

Rodents are incredibly unhygienic, and many people who want to get rid of rodents might quickly default to DIY tactics. However, rodent problems should be left to the professionals due to the dangers that rodents present - these pests carry numerous diseases that are spread through their waste and direct contact. DIY tactics expose you directly to these risks and aren’t that effective at removing the root cause of your rodent issues.

When you trust in total rodent extermination provided by our team at Modern Pest Control, you know you’ll receive effective and efficient rodent control solutions. We work with you to ensure that all traces of rodents are defeated on your property, allowing you to reclaim the peace and safety of your Woodlands home.

Contact us today to learn more about our rodent control solutions in The Woodlands or to get started.

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