The Best Way To Stay Ahead Of Mosquitoes In Spring
Mosquito biting someone's skin.

The Best Way To Stay Ahead Of Mosquitoes In Spring

There are hundreds of different pest varieties in Spring, each providing homeowners with a different set of obstacles, dangers, and ill effects. While the vast majority of these creatures are harmless at best, some are far more dangerous than others. This includes mosquitoes, some of the most common yet most dangerous insect species in the United States.

Professional etymologists have recognized mosquitoes as some of the most dangerous insect varieties in the world. Even in developed countries, their ability to spread life-threatening illnesses and induce itchy bites and secondary infections is well known. Although you are slightly less likely to contract deadly mosquito illnesses in Texas than in other countries, these creatures still can significantly damage the health of you, your family, and all your loved ones.

In this blog post, we will explore the actual dangers of mosquitoes in the Spring area and some of the ways to prevent their spread during the active season. If you already have a serious pest infestation present or are concerned that a mosquito problem could arise in the future, we recommend that you reach out to Modern Pest Control for help.

How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In Spring?

If you’ve spent any time at all around the Spring area, you know that mosquitoes are just another part of the local fauna. These are several dozen species that can be found around homes. However, these creatures are much more dangerous than they first appear.

Unlike larger pests, which are usually a threat because of their size or physical aggression, mosquitoes can slip right by your consciousness and feed on any area of exposed skin. These pests feed on many different vectors at many different times of day, transmitting bodily fluids between wild animals, sick people, and anything else they can feed on. This allows the transfer of serious diseases, some of which can be fatal in specific populations.

Below is a shortlist of mosquito-borne illnesses that could be contracted in Spring, TX: 

  • Chikungunya 

  • Zika virus 

  • Dengue 

  • West Nile virus 

  • Malaria 

  • Yellow fever 

  • Encephalitis (swelling of the brain) 

Although these illnesses may not lead to death in all instances, they could potentially lead to chronic illness or hospitalization in some cases. If you suspect a vector-carrying mosquito has bitten you, receiving medical attention right away will be essential.

Why Mosquitoes Around Your Spring Yard Is A Big Problem

Apart from their deadly ability to spread illness and disease, mosquitoes may also cause various additional problems around Spring homes and businesses. Unlike other pests that infest the yard, mosquitoes are often used as food for larger and more predatory pests. This could lead to secondary infestations, which may slowly begin to show themselves over time.  

Another reason mosquitoes in Spring can create additional problems is their reproductive capability. It only takes one male mosquito to propagate hundreds if not thousands of others, which may hatch in three days or less. Mosquito larvae grow relatively quickly, and although they are most vulnerable at this stage, many will survive to see adulthood.

Because mosquitoes reproduce exponentially, a small infestation may grow into a significant issue over a few weeks. Mosquito infestations from previous years will return in force the following year, now ready to create more fertilized eggs.

Mosquitoes living in or around your Spring yard are a monumental problem. If you don’t have some form of prevention in place, you may need to contact professionals right away.

The Most Effective Way To Repel Mosquitoes In Spring

Despite what you may hear from the internet, the best and most effective way to repel mosquitoes in Spring is to rely on an interconnected network of vetted prevention steps. Because many mosquito species are fast breeders, their populations can quickly double in size. Once they have settled down near your home or business, you will be hard-pressed to eliminate their entire infestation. Additionally, you may begin to experience the signs and symptoms of mosquito ‘double up,’ or the effects of exponential growth year over year. Unlike other pests whose population would be limited by food and water sources, mosquitoes will simply compound year over year.

No matter where you live in Spring, TX, you will likely be affected by the ill effects of mosquitoes and their large families. For this reason, relying on regular prevention steps will be a great way to continuously keep them at bay without introducing more and more breeding generations.

This list of helpful mosquito prevention steps should act as your first line of defense against mosquitoes, their offspring, and their dangerous bites:

  • If there’s one thing mosquitoes can’t live without, it's ample shade, plenty of greenery, and lots of vegetation. Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes do not solely feed on blood alone. These creatures get most of their diet from nectar, vegetation, and other green matter. These pests choose to bite humans to ingest blood proteins, which must be used to fertilize eggs. For this reason, do what you can to trim back trees, bushes, and other greenery near the sides of the home. Thinning branches and other woody stems will allow for increased sun exposure and higher wind patterns, drying the area and creating a large amount of heat. 

  • To reproduce, mosquitoes must have access to stagnant pools of water. These pools need only be the size of a bottle cap to fertilize several batches of eggs, meaning that any water exposure in or around the property could potentially be attractive to large mosquito populations. Start by removing all foreign objects from the yard holding water. Tarps, toys, and other yard tools are the most apparent items conducive to water retention. Any birdbaths, fountains, or other forms of standing water should be changed daily to eliminate the potential for fertilized eggs. 

  • Any water in the home that cannot be effectively drained or removed must be treated differently. Mosquito larvicides, also known as growth control agents, can virtually halt the breeding process. A unique bacteria is applied to the water using tablets, oils, or other treatment measures. As the bacillus thuringiensis israelensis continues to thrive, it will begin to kill off mosquito larvae at a rapid pace. Thankfully, this mosquito bacteria poses no risks to people, birds, or other animals, making it an excellent option for pest control. 

  • If you plan on spending some time in mosquito hot spot areas, it would be a good idea to protect yourself as much as possible. Wear long-sleeved clothing while out on the lawn. Tuck your pants into your socks for an added layer of protection. Applying some amount of mosquito repellent to your clothing or shoes is another great way to create a strong barrier. Keep in mind that these may not always stop mosquitoes from attacking, although they are a great place to begin. 

It should be noted that already present mosquito infestations will respond much less idyllically to prevention steps. Because their population size is already significant and these creatures can quickly adapt to almost any environment, there is a high likelihood of reinfestation after the fact (if these creatures are abated at all).

For this reason, relying on professional pest control programs such as those offered by Modern Pest Control will be perfect for reducing unwanted activity throughout the active season. To learn more about mosquito control for Spring, TX property owners, reach out to Modern Pest Control for a free quote. We are standing by to book a complimentary inspection when convenient to you.

Ongoing Mosquito Control In Spring

If you suspect that mosquitoes could be lingering nearby your home, simple prevention steps will no longer be enough to defend your home. Here in Spring, TX, we have an incredibly high volume of mosquitoes for nearly eight months out of the year, risking your health and wellness in many ways. For this reason, prevention steps and do-it-yourself (DIY) efforts will not be enough to control extended populations.

Many local Spring residents trust the professionals at Modern Pest Control to protect, provide, and prevent mosquito populations from ever returning to their property. Offering seasonal visitations and one-time infestation treatments, our professionals have everything it takes to eliminate mosquitoes and their ill effects.

At Modern Pest Control, we take an offensive approach to mosquito management. We use a combination of traditional treatments and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) efforts to find, target, and remove mosquitoes at all stages of their infestation. Because we care so much for Katy families and their loved ones, we have created a three-step mosquito management process that is guaranteed to reduce the effects of serious infestations. 

Following is the comprehensive list of mosquito treatment steps offered by Modern Pest Control:

  1. Like every pest control treatment offered by Modern Pest Control, all mosquito treatments open with some form of investigation; we carefully evaluate every lawn and property for the signs and symptoms of mosquito invasion, particularly the spaces around trees, bushes, and other landscaping. We will help you to identify any potential harborage points and what they mean, as well as the places where future mosquito infestations could be growing. Our team will help you identify the mosquito species in question and evaluate your risk for disease if desired. Because many varieties of mosquitoes in Texas are known carriers of serious diseases, Modern Pest Control recommends immediate removal as soon as possible. 

  2. Next, we launch into a more sophisticated mosquito treatment by preparing a combination of traditional, cultural, and natural controls. We instruct each client on how to reduce their propensity for future infestations, draining water puddles, trimming back greenery, and generally controlling their harborage zones. Mosquito treatments will be applied in strategic locations around the yard, with greater care to target trees, bushes, and landscaping. Areas that contain large amounts of water will also be thoroughly sprayed, along with any other hot spots identified by the customer. 

  3. The last stage in our mosquito treatment effort is ongoing protection. We offer regular treatments for Spring customers that address their properties on a cyclical basis, helping to eliminate excess growth using mosquito repellents and sprays. If you are not happy between mosquito treatments or are concerned that an additional infestation is brewing, get in touch with the pros at Modern Pest Control for free re-treatment.

With thousands of happy customers all over the Spring area, Modern Pest Control is the leading provider of mosquito management anywhere in the Katy area. Instead of attempting to protect your property alone, choose to partner with Modern Pest Control for mosquito relief like none other. 

Get in touch with our team right away by calling the Katy, TX office or by an online contact form to speak with a professional agent. No matter how many mosquitoes are invading your Katy property, trust that the crew behind Modern Pest Control has everything you need and more. We can’t wait to show you a better way of pest control.

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