How To Protect My Katy Home From German Cockroach Dangers
German Cockroach crawling on food.

How To Protect My Katy Home From German Cockroach Dangers

Are you familiar with the cockroach known as the German cockroach? This species of roach doesn't just live in Germany. It can be found in every country of the world and they thrive here in Katy, Texas. You might think that it is because of the high humidity and warm temperatures but it is actually because these cockroaches prefer to live in man-made structures. It is the urban landscape more than the climate that makes our area the perfect place for German cockroaches to live. Unfortunately, these insects aren't quite commensal. Commensalism is an association between two organisms in which one benefits and the other derives neither benefit nor harm. This can not be said of German cockroaches in their relation to humans.

German cockroaches are filthy insects that are known to spread more than 33 kinds of harmful bacteria, more than 7 human pathogens, 6 distinct parasitic worms, and they are linked to an increase in asthma symptoms. These are just some of the many reasons cockroach prevention is essential. Here are some ways you can protect your home from German cockroaches in Katy Texas.  

To-Do List

  • Sanitation is key. While many cockroaches go in and out of your home, German cockroaches are more likely to stay inside all the time. That means they'll only be able to spread germs, bacteria and other organisms that are inside your home. They'll pick them up from toilet rims, litter boxes, decaying organic matter on the side of your oven, juice spills, and more. Keeping things as clean as possible will help reduce the threat.

  • Make sure your kitchen trash has a cover and that you remove your trash at least once a week. Unprotected trash that sits will not only provide a food source for German cockroaches, it will provide a location for cockroach reproduction.

  • Protect your pantry and kitchen foods. German cockroaches can chew through paper, cardboard and thin plastic. Consider putting your food inside sealed, hard plastic containers.

To-Don't List

If you're dealing with cockroaches, you may be leaning toward using toxic roach spray to get rid of them. This isn't wise. Cockroaches can develop resistance to chemicals as they develop new cuticles (skins). This will allow them to pass through the chemicals you lay down and spread those chemicals to sensitive locations in your kitchen and into the food you have stored in your home.

Why Every Katy Homeowner Needs To Take Steps To Stop Cockroaches

As a Katy homeowner, prioritizing preventing and eliminating cockroach infestations is paramount to maintaining a safe living environment. These scavengers pose numerous health risks due to the pathogens they carry. They can also cause significant property damage by feeding on everything from cardboard and fabrics to our food pantries. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to prevent cockroach infestations.

First, keep your kitchen and dining areas clean. These areas often provide plenty of food sources for pests. Pay attention to your bathrooms since areas with high humidity are magnets for cockroaches. Fix all leaks are you find them.

Also, closing gaps in the structure of your home that could attract cockroaches is essential. These scavengers are resourceful and can find what they need to survive even if you keep your home impeccably clean, even glue and paper. 

Still, sealing food in airtight containers and avoiding leaving pet food out overnight is necessary for a successful cockroach control strategy. We also recommend emptying trash bins frequently and using tight-fitting lids. And finally, remove clutter where cockroaches can hide and breed.

If an infestation occurs, a pest control professional can eliminate the problem and protect you from dangerous pathogens. Call Modern Pest Control today to get started with proactive measures and effective cockroach control in Katy.

How A Professional Can Help

At Modern Pest Control, we use comprehensive methods and field-tested products to systematically eliminate cockroaches and exclude them. Once they are removed, we provide exterior service that prevents new infestations from taking root. There is no better way to protect yourself and your family from German cockroaches in Katy. Reach out to a professional exterminator in Katy, Texas today. If you have questions or if you would like to request a service, contact Modern Pest Control.

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