Why Fleas In Your Houston Home Are A Bigger Problem Than You May Think
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Why Fleas In Your Houston Home Are A Bigger Problem Than You May Think

Houston residents will readily admit how much they love the town. So many people have ended up coming to Houston for jobs and never wanting to leave. However, the human residents of Houston aren’t the only big fans of the area. Unfortunately, the city has a very large population of both stray animals (dogs and cats) along with wild animals (rats and other rodents). While stray dogs and rodents can be an issue by themselves, when they draw near properties, they also create other unsuspected issues that can turn into major health risks. You see, stray dogs and wild rodents are known vehicles for a disease carrier that typically flies under the radar: flea

Take Them Down, Pass Them Around, 99 Ways Fleas Enter The Home

For the sake of clarity, fleas may fly under the radar, but they don’t actually fly. When we think of fleas, we usually think about the danger they pose to our pets. However, the problems run deeper than just some itchy dogs and cats. Rodents in the Houston area can easily pass fleas to the stray animals, who in turn will give them to your pets…who can easily give them to you.
Now, for those of you who don’t have pets. First, how do you pass the time and where does your money go? Second, you can still get fleas in your home and on your person. Rodents can easily enter your home and transfer fleas to you and your loved ones. The problem occurs when fleas lay eggs in the fur of rodents who enter your home or the pets that live in your home already. The eggs will eventually fall off in your home, many of which will hatch and survive.

Are There Fleas In Your House? Questions That Need Answers

Fleas are not only a danger to your animals, but they will also spread diseases to people. The rats get a bad rap. They may not have helped the issue, but it was the fleas who are responsible for at least two major plagues in the history of the world. That’s not the kind of energy you want to welcome into your home, is it?
Therefore, you must spot a flea infestation early. Unfortunately, the easiest way to see if there are fleas in your home is to spot them as they hop from your carpet onto your furniture, curtains…or your legs (I know, gross). If you have a rodent problem, fleas might be close behind. If you have a cat problem (or happily own a dog), you might see your pets scratching, biting, and licking at their fur excessively if they have fleas. You might also notice these dot-shaped pests in their fur.

Don’t Scratch That Itch

Now, if you do notice fleas in your Houston home, you might feel the urge to get rid of them at that very instant. But beware! Home remedies that claim to kill fleas might only kill the living ones, leaving the eggs behind to create an even worse infestation. So, don’t scratch that itch to try and do it yourself. Instead, trust the professionals at Modern Pest Control. The only guaranteed way to prevent or eradicate a flea infestation in your home is by utilizing professional pest services (and perhaps a little advice from your local vet to protect your pups and kitties). When there are dangerous diseases on the line, why leave it up to amateur efforts? Modern Pest Control has the services you need at the prices you want.

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