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Humane Bird Removal & Exclusion

In some cases, having birds around can be an enjoyment. When they deface surfaces, damage property and equipment, and create slip and fall hazards with their droppings, they become annoying, unhealthy, and downright disgusting.

If your company is experiencing problems with pigeons, starlings, swallows, and other pest birds in Katy, or elsewhere in our service area, Modern Pest Control has the solution. Our local, independently owned pest control company in Houston eradicates pest bird problems using humane exclusion and deterrent methods.

Solutions For Pigeons & Other Pest Birds

bird spikes on a commercial building

If you have a pest bird problem on your business sign, on your building, or in your parking garage, our team of bird control pros are ready to implement a customized plan that stops birds from nesting and hanging out on your facility.

Our bird control solutions include:

  • Bird netting

  • Gel

  • Bird spikes

  • Shock strips

  • Bird slopes

  • Scare devices

  • Physical changes to the property

Don’t let pest birds take over your commercial or industrial facility, contact Modern Pest Control to learn more about our bird work or to schedule your bird control consultation.


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