Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Houston, TX Home?

Why Are There So Many Spiders In My Houston, TX Home?

Imagine waking up to a house full of spiders. Seemingly out of nowhere, you might find webs in every corner and spiders hiding out in every room. While this sounds like a nightmare, it's a reality for some individuals. Learn why there might be so many arachnids in your Houston, TX home and what it takes to get rid of them.

Which Spiders Could Invade?

Many spiders could end up in your home. Typically, these are the most frequent home invaders:

  • Wolf Spider: Although these spiders sometimes enter homes for food, they won't build webs. They burrow rather than spin silk to catch food. Large, brown, and hairy, wolf spiders have an intimidating appearance but aren't particularly harmful.

  • House Spider: The house spider is one of the most common Houston spiders to enter homes. Typically, they create messy cobwebs that get in the way. These spiders have long legs and large abdomens. Although they are harmless, house spiders can be a nuisance. 

  • Black Widow Spider: Perhaps the most feared local spider, the black widow often hides out in basements. Females have a bright red hourglass marking, but the males are less distinct in appearance. If a female black widow bites you, her venom affects your central nervous system and you will require immediate medical attention.

Why Spiders Are Appearing

You probably want to know why spiders have suddenly taken over your home. Generally, there is one reason spiders are now breeding inside your home - food is available. If you notice a sudden influx of spiders, you probably also have other pest invaders.

Spiders are perfectly content outside. With plenty of food and shelter outside, they don't need to rely on you for survival. That said, they follow the food. If you have flies and other insect house guests, you can expect spiders to follow them inside.

It's also possible that spiders were always around. However, you may not have noticed them until recently. A change in the lighting in your home could illuminate the webs, or a spring cleaning might have caused a few spiders to relocate. In any case, you probably have a pest problem.

How To Prevent An Infestation

A spider infestation isn't easy to deal with. Without finding and removing your other house pests, you'll never eliminate the spiders. Knocking down their webs will merely cause the spiders to relocate. For this reason, you should take measures to prevent spiders from coming into your property like:

  • Seal Up Entrances: One way to accomplish this is to eliminate potential pest entrances. Are there gaps under your doors for Houston cockroaches to crawl under? Do you have holes in your window screens that allow flies to get inside? If you seal up entrances, you make it more difficult for pests to get inside. Check for holes, gaps, and other potential openings. Your effort can make all the difference.

  • Clean Regularly: The more you clean your home, the less likely you'll have spiders and other pests indoors. After mealtime, sweep your floors and wipe down your counters. Every so often, take the time to clean under and behind your kitchen appliances.

  • Maintain An Organized Pantry: If your pantry is full of half-eaten bags of cereal and cookies, you'll have pests. Seal up the food in your pantry, and don't allow crumbs to remain on the shelves.

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