What Summer Spider Infestations Mean For Texas Homeowners
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What Summer Spider Infestations Mean For Texas Homeowners

What if you had someone come to visit you and they never left? What if they made messes and never cleaned up after themselves? What about if they hid in dark places to scare you, or bit you and made you sick? Would you appreciate that? We’re guessing probably not. If you haven't figured it out by now, the someone we are talking about is spiders.

Spiders belong outdoors, not in our homes, but sometimes they invade our homes anyway and cause all kinds of issues. The fact of the matter is, spiders make better neighbors than houseguests and shouldn’t be allowed to infest our homes. Here are a few reasons why:

Problems With Spiders Inside Your Home

While spiders can be helpful in garden areas to control bug populations, when they get into the home, they can present all kinds of problems, depending on what kind of spider you are dealing with. These problems may include creating unsightly webs, posing health threats, or simply being an unpleasant presence in the home.

The presence of spiders in the home can be indicative of other pest pressures. Spiders will go where they have access to a food source. If you are seeing webs, or the spiders themselves, inside your home then you may have other pests such as flies, mosquitoes, clothes moths, earwigs, and cockroaches invading your home as well.

Dangerous Spiders In Texas

Some spiders in our area are dangerous, especially brown recluse and black widows. It is important to know some facts about these two spiders so you can keep yourself and your family safe.

Brown Recluse

These spiders are around 1/4 to 1/2 an inch in length, are a rusty brown color, and have a dark brown violin-shaped marking on their backs. There is no roundness to these spiders’ abdomens like with most other spiders; they also have no bands or stripes and have no spines or hairs on their bodies. Since these spiders are reclusive, you will most likely not actually see these spiders in your home, but instead will see the signs they leave behind, but even these signs are not necessarily obvious. The webs brown recluse spiders hide behind are a tangled, messy, and built-in hollow pockets near the floor of the homes they invade. Though these spiders do not usually bite unless brought into accidental contact with the skin, their bites can be painful and turn into a slow-to-heal, necrotic wound.

Black Widow

These spiders are around ½ to 1 ½ inches in length, are shiny black in color, and have a bright red hourglass symbol on the bottom of their abdomen. These spiders also have messy-looking webs that they built close to the ground, and usually in secluded areas. Black widow spiders are capable of inflicting a painful bite that can cause symptoms such as nausea, chills, fever, muscle cramps and spasms, stomach and body pain, shock, and severe high blood pressure. The severity of a reaction depends upon the level of venom injected, and the age and physical health of the person bitten. For some people, a black widow bite may be barely noticeable but others may have a severe reaction. These spiders are also not likely to bite unless they come into accidental contact with the skin, however.

To learn more about the venomous spiders found in the Houston area, visit this blog.

Even “harmless” house spiders can create problems when they invade, including making copious numbers of spider webs around your home for you to walk through. If you are not able to remove them, they will eventually turn into unsightly cobwebs in your corners, on your ceilings, and the other places in your home! While finding a few house spiders is not a huge problem, if those few spiders are allowed to multiply, they can become a bigger issue rather quickly.

No one likes it when a spider drops from the ceiling into their bowl of cereal or comes crawling out of their covers when they fold their sheets down! Instead of dealing with all the problems that both venomous and nuisance spiders cause, it is better to have a professional come and remove all the spiders in your home. Spiders will not move back outside on their own. There is a reason house spiders are called house spiders: they thrive inside human dwellings!

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your East Texas Home

When dealing with potentially dangerous pests, it is always wise to use caution; this is true for larger creatures like raccoons as much as it is for tiny spiders. The good news is that most common spiders in our area are not a serious risk to your health.

There are only twoharmful species in East Texas you need to worry about; the black widow and the brown recluse. The black widow has a bite that causes neurological symptoms, while the brown recluse’s bite is necrotic. Considering that both of these pests invade in similar ways, prevention is not too challenging. What is challenging is removing potentially dangerous spiders without risking injury.

If you suspect there is a black widow or brown recluse inside your home, use caution and avoid direct physical contact. It is entirely your decision to eliminate these pests on your own. Just keep in mind that there may be more in hiding.

To make sure these pests get and stay out of your home, bring in our team. We offer detailed spider control options and would be more than happy to help you remove these potentially dangerous pests from your living areas. Call now to learn more about Modern Pest Control's approach to spider control and make an appointment for your East Texas home. 

The Best Way To Remove Spiders From Your Home

While it is possible to reduce the number of spiders in your home by implementing prevention tips such as eliminating webs, removing food and water sources, and sealing up the outside of your home, these things will not totally remove or exclude spiders from your home. Even after performing these preventative steps, the spiders that have already established themselves inside your home will most likely remain in your home, and all the while producing more offspring.

The best way to remove spiders is to remove both the spiders AND their food sources and the best way to accomplish that is to partner with a professional pest control company that has the expertise, experience, and equipment to get the job done and get it done right like the professionals at Modern Pest Control! To rid your home of spiders and ensure that it remains spider-free, contact us today!

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