Pests To Expect This Winter In Houston TX

Pests To Expect This Winter In Houston TX

If you live here in the Greater Houston Metro, then you know that we have our weather issues to deal with, but frigid winter temperatures are not one of them. Generally speaking, temperatures rarely drop below 44 degrees Fahrenheit; and temperatures in the northern part of the state drop below zero less than 2 days per year on average. Overall, we have it pretty good when the winter months come around; especially when you compare us to the Northern Plains or the Northeast. In fact, as far as pests here in Texas are concerned, the drop in temperatures in the winter isn’t enough of a stress to cause them to die off or to even slow down into a state of hibernation, meaning that pests in Katy, Sugar Land, and throughout our area can become an issue in your home or business throughout the year.

Rodents here in Texas actually forage and breed throughout the entire year, and you may actually notice an increase in activity during the winter months. As mice, rats, and other rodents sense the slight change in weather, they would rather tuck themselves into your nice, warm, temperature controlled rafters underneath all that soft, pink insulation to wait for spring. After all, there’s always a smorgasbord being served free of charge in your kitchen or pantry – and without worry about rain or cold or those scary predators that would threaten out in the wild.

Cockroaches are another pest that remains active throughout the winter months. These pests really do not care what season it is outside; they would prefer to live inside your home or business where they can forage and gorge themselves to their heart’s content. And cockroaches can go unnoticed for a very long time because they remain hidden during the daytime and scurry out only after all the lights have been turned down and things are quiet. Then, at the first sign of light or any activity, they will quickly duck into their tiny hiding places, leaving you none the wiser.

Termites are another Texas pest that remains active all year long. Subterranean termites are some of the most prolific and the most damaging pests to invade Texas homes and businesses. These pests create colonies deep underground and build mud tubes up the side of your foundation to access the structural wood deep inside. Termites are a very elusive pest that can remain hidden in the deep, dark recesses of your property for months or even years without anyone ever realizing they are there.

The trouble with these, and many others like them, is that they are dangerous to have living in your home or business. Rodents chew, a lot! They must constantly chew in order to maintain the proper size of their front teeth, or they will die. While inside your property, they will teethe on your pipes, insulation, wooden support structure, and even on wires. They will also sneak into your kitchen and contaminate your food sources and any areas where they roam. Rodents can even carry and transmit some pretty nasty diseases; and they often come equipped with fleas, ticks, and mites that are able to spread some serious diseases of their own.

Cockroaches are another dangerous pest. These insects love to hang out in unsavory areas like cesspools, sewers, and septic systems. Then they think nothing of crawling across your kitchen counters or through your silverware drawer leaving germs and other pathogens wherever they step. They even like to crawl into your bathroom to snack on the residue on your toothbrush, and they have been known to sneak onto your pillow to lick the drool escaping from the corner of your mouth! There is nothing sacred from a cockroach’s perspective! And, all along the way they deposit bacteria, viruses, protozoa, worms – you name it!

Termites are not known to carry and transmit disease to people; but before you breathe in that sigh of relief, they absolutely are considered to be a dangerous pest. This is because they can cause some of the most costly damage to your home or business by eating away at the support structures deep inside. Often, termites are active by the thousands, and you don’t even know they are there. The first clue that many property owners have that termites have invaded are the drooping floors and buckling walls that they begin to notice as the interior structure of their building begins to fail.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you do not want pests living inside your home or business. Instead, contact the pest control specialists here at Modern Pest Control. We have reliable, affordable year-round residential and commercial pest control plans that will keep your Texas home or business pest-free all year long, and we have industry-leading, environmentally responsible termite monitoring and control solutions that will keep these pests out of your property and away from its structural wood. To learn more about our effective solutions to protect your home or business from the harmful and damaging effects of pests throughout the entire year, contact us today.

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