Why Termites Love Houston

Why Termites Love Houston

Houston, Texas is a very popular place to live. People really love this big Texas city, and who can blame them? Houston has affordable housing, friendly people, warm weather, a thriving job market, great food, and plentiful entertainment opportunities. However, the bad news when it comes to living in Houston is that this city is not only a place that people love. Damaging, wood-eating termites love this city as well! To help protect your Houston property from wood-destroying termites, the Houston pest professionals at Modern Pest Control want to offer you some helpful information about Texas termites to help protect your home, your property, and, of course, your bank account from these very damaging pests.

One of the main reasons that termites love Houston so much is because the summer season here lasts much longer than in many other areas of the country. In fact, the weather in Houston remains hot, humid almost year-round! The constant warm temperatures allow termites to remain active all year long. This means that if these wood-eating termites find their way into your Houston home, they will continuously feed on its structural wood, tunneling deeper and deeper every day and night, all year long. Another reason that termites thrive in Houston is that termite swarms, which in other parts of the country usually only occur when the weather warms up in the spring, have the potential to occur in Houston throughout most of the year. Termite swarms occur when mature termite reproductives leave their colony to find a mate and create a new colony. Houston’s longer swarming season means that more termite colonies are able to be established which, in turn, means that Houston residents have a greater chance of these wood-eating termites invading their homes.  

Since living in Houston means that termites are always active and looking for homes to invade whose structural wood they can feed on, it is important as a Houston homeowner to have a continuous year-round protection plan against termites in place. In addition to the high potential of termite infestations occurring in Houston homes, it is very important to remember that termite damages can be extremely costly and typically aren’t covered by homeowners insurance!

How Much Damage Can Termites In Houston Do To A Business? 

Termites are destructive pests. While most people think of termites as a problem in residential areas, they can also pose problems for businesses — expensive ones. The average termite removal and repair bill is well over a thousand dollars. No matter your business, you don't want to waste a thousand dollars solving a preventable problem. If the destruction left behind by termites isn't enough, damage to your reputation can be just as bad. If potential customers or local news gets wind of a termite infestation, it can drive away business and cost you even more money. 

A termite control plan from Modern Pest Control is the best way to avoid termite damage. Call us today and let us evaluate your business for signs of termites and develop a termite control plan for you. Based on your building, industry, and specific needs, we use a combination of baiting, liquid, or hybrid treatments to eliminate active infestations and prevent future termite problems.

Protect Your Houston Home Or Business With Help From Modern Pest Control

To protect your Houston home and bank account from the year-round threat of Texas termites, the professionals at Modern Pest Control highly recommend installing the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. With Sentricon® with Always Active™ in place on your property, you will never have to wonder if termites are going to invade your home ever again because they won’t be able to! This highly-effective and eco-friendly system provides the continuous protection needed to stop termites before they have the chance to invade your home. The bait stations installed around the perimeter of your property will begin to work immediately after they are placed. As soon as the worker termites come to feed on the bait and bring it back to their colonies, this system will quickly and completely eliminate the entire invading termite colony. These bait stations then remain in place to offer year-round protection against the year-round threat of termites!

Don’t leave getting termite infestation up to chance! Instead, partner with Modern and get the services needed to keep these costly, structure-damaging pests out of your home! To learn more about protecting your Greater Houston area home from invading termites with the help of the professionals at Modern Pest Control and Sentricon® with Always Active™, get in touch with us today!

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