How To Keep Flies Out Of My Houston Kitchen
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How To Keep Flies Out Of My Houston Kitchen

Spring is here, and so are flies! While we might enjoy the warmer weather Houston offers this time of year, we definitely don’t enjoy the bother of having flies invade our homes. When flies get into Houston kitchens they can cause all sorts of annoyances and dangers. What attracts these pests and how can you keep them out of your Houston kitchen? Read on to find out.

Why Flies Are In Your Houston Kitchen

Flies, whether house flies, fruit flies, or any of the other flies in Houston, are not typically a problem in the winter months. Occasionally you’ll see them buzzing around, but even when they do, they’re typically much more sluggish than in the warm months of the year. Once spring arrives though, they get back into action, buzzing around and reproducing.

If the weather is nice, you might assume that they’d be happier to remain outside. This is not always the case, however. Flies often get into homes this time of year and you may be doing things to attract them.

Flies are always on the hunt for food. If you do any of the following, you may be unwittingly attracting flies to your kitchen.

  • You leave food out in the open. Whether it is food you have yet to consume, like a bowl of fruit, or food you have yet to clean up, like a plate with the remains of dinner, food left out in the open will attract flies to your Houston kitchen.

  • You don’t clean up messes right away. If your counters or floors have crumbs, drips, or spills on them, flies will see them as a food source.

  • You let the garbage pile up. Trash cans are a prime spot for flies to congregate, and the longer you leave garbage in a can before taking it out, the longer the food inside has to rot. Flies love rotting food.

  • Your home has high humidity levels. Like most pests, flies need moisture to survive. If your kitchen or bathrooms are humid or have leaking pipes or drippy faucets, flies will be attracted to them.

  • Your outdoor garbage bins are uncovered. If flies can get into them, they’ll stay close to your house, eventually getting inside.

  • You don’t clean up after your pets. Animal feces is something flies enjoy feasting on. If you have it in your yard, you’ll attract flies.

What To Do About Flies In Your Houston Kitchen

To prevent flies from entering your home, first take action to stop attracting them by not doing the things listed above. If they’re still getting inside after that, you may need to take further action by calling Modern Pest Control.

We can help you get rid of any flies that have infested your home, and prevent future infestations. This will keep your home and family safe from the illnesses that flies transmit, as well as the annoyances they cause. Give us a call to learn more about our treatment options.

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