The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Houston, TX Property
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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Houston, TX Property

Rats don't belong anywhere near your Houston, TX home, but that doesn't mean they won't invade. If you have rats or want to prevent them from entering your home, you need to take action. Find out the best way to eliminate rats, what you need to do to keep them away and how Modern Pest Control can help.

The Houston Rats You Should Know About

If you're in the Houston area, two different rats could invade your home. First, there's the roof rat. This agile rodent spends most of its time in trees and on roofs of homes. Because it's so agile, this rat has a slender appearance. It's sometimes referred to as a black rat because of its color. 

Secondly, you might see the Norway rat. This brown rat is much more stout than roof rats. Additionally, the Norway rat is not nearly as agile as its counterpart. These rodents usually enter homes through holes and openings at the ground level. 

Both rodents differ in appearance, but they share one major similarity. Roof rats and Norway rats both cause serious problems for home and business owners. If you own a property in Houston, having rats could cause long-term complications.

The Problem With Houston Rats

When it comes to rodents in Houston, rats are notorious. They are known for their ability to cause severe property damage, thanks to their sharp claws and teeth. Rats will constantly chew at your building materials and leave behind destruction. If they get into your wiring, rats could start a house fire.

Another issue caused by rats affects your health. Before coming into your home, a rat hangs out in dirty places. They might be in an alleyway or dumpster picking up pathogens. When the rodent enters your home, it brings diseases along with it. It also brings fleas and ticks, which carry their diseases.

Due to the dangers of rats, you probably don't want them anywhere near your Houston property. But rats have been relying on humans for years, so why would they stop now? You need to take steps to make sure rats aren't attracted to your property and able to obtain an easy meal.  

Tips For Rat Prevention

Once you have rats, the only thing to do is call a professional for rat removal. Therefore, prevention is key. The following tips may make it possible for you to keep rats away from your Houston property:

  • Clean Your Yard: Although you might find it convenient to keep junk piles in your yard, rats will be abundant. Don't allow trash to pile up, and make an effort to clean debris piles right away. Otherwise, rats will be attracted to your backyard. Part of cleaning your yard includes maintaining your plants. If your trees and bushes touch your home, roof rats could use them as bridges to your property. Trim them back as frequently as possible to make your home less accessible.

  • Don't Allow Holes And Cracks To Remain: You might not think much of a few holes in your walls. But rats can use tiny holes to gain entry into your home. They might not fit through the hole, but rats can chew the opening until it's large enough for them to go inside. If necessary, hire someone to seal up the cracks and holes around your building

  • Don't Make Food Accessible: By keeping your garbage cans open, you make food easily accessible to rats. Use lidded garbage cans and don't leave food outside. 

Work With Us

The most effective way to prevent rats or deal with an infestation is to call us at Modern Pest Control. We put our customers first and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With our help, you can make sure rats don't come near your Houston property. Call us today to learn more about our rat control services.

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