Mouse Problems In Houston Are Never-Ending
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Mouse Problems In Houston Are Never-Ending

Homeowners throughout Greater Houston are often plagued with rodents all year long. Spring and summer infestations can be just as common as infestations in the fall and winter. Once those wintertime mice have gotten all warm and cozy, made their nests, and raised a family inside your home, they won’t want to leave it.

You may actually see more rodent activity in the spring and summer months because the nice warm attic and wall voids that they were living in will become sweltering hot, forcing them to relocate to a different part of your home that is cooler, but still near their abundant food source. The change in weather and temperature will also cause mice to forage more frequently. The most effective way to evict these rodents is with the help of a professional pest control service.

You will experience the same standard problems from rodent infestations in the spring and summer months as you would any other time of year including food contamination, disease, allergies, and costly property damage. During the warmer seasons, your rodent problem may actually worsen due to population growth. Many homeowners turn to traps to try to get rid of their rodent problem. Homeowners may catch a rodent or two, but unfortunately, traps will do nothing to stop the overall population growth.

Why Rodents Are So Difficult To Keep Out Of Houston Homes

One would think rodents are easier to prevent than insects due to their larger size. This isn’t entirely true. Rodents have one thing that most insects do not, sharp teeth that never stop growing. These teeth provide pests like rats and mice with a way to chew through wood, plaster, plastic, and vinyl siding. If there is any indication that your home is a comfortable place to live, common rodents might use their teeth to nibble their way indoors. If it is easier to squeeze through an existing crack, gap, or opening, they will do this instead. Assuming that you are considering methods to prevent rodents in Houston, we highly recommend starting with professional services. 

Our team understands how and why these furry pests get into local homes, and we offer comprehensive preventative measures to help you avoid an infestation. We also offer fast and reliable treatments to remove rodents from your home. Contact our team at Modern Pest Control today to discuss your options and schedule an appointment for your Houston property. We will help you identify and deal with any rodents you are dealing with in or around your home.

If you are experiencing rodent problems in your home or on your property, contact us at Modern Pest Control.  Proving pest control in the Greater Houston area, we will work with you to eliminate every rodent in your home and keep them out for good! We offer rodent control that covers mice, rats, and squirrels. Our experienced and licensed technicians will inspect your homes and property to identify which pests are present, locate where they are active, and determine how they are gaining access. They will then assess the situation and come up with a plan to trap the mice and prevent them from entering your home in the future.

Modern Pest Control gets the job done right! We achieve highly effective results with our knowledge and experience. We are equipped to get any job, big or small, done successfully every time. Don’t wait! Save yourself the headache of dealing with a rodent infestation by giving us a call at Modern Pest Control.

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