The Trick To Keeping Flies Out Of Your Katy, TX Home

The Trick To Keeping Flies Out Of Your Katy, TX Home

You might only have your window open for two minutes but could still have flies buzzing around your property. They're everywhere, and they're more than just annoying. In addition to being a nuisance, Katy, TX flies are also a danger to your household. As disease-spreaders, flies can make you seriously ill. To protect your home, you need to understand what it takes to keep flies out. 

The Flies In Katy

One of the most common flies in Katy is the housefly. If you see a large fly buzzing around your home, it's probably a housefly. They're hard to miss and are a constant nuisance. Meanwhile, blowflies are less likely to come indoors. They have a metallic appearance and are as large, if not larger, than house flies.

In your kitchen or bathroom, you're more likely to come across a small type of fly. Fruit flies and drain flies tend to hang out near drains, ripe fruit, and garbage cans. Although these flies are small, they still can make you sick.

Because there are so many flies in the area, they pose a serious threat to you and your family. The only way to maintain a safe environment is to be proactive and take measures to keep flies away.

How Flies Get In

Before you can keep flies out, you need to understand how they get into your home in the first place. Usually, they're getting in through open doors and windows. If you have screens on your windows, flies may be getting in through rips in the screen.

There could be other entryways as well. If you have a small gap under your door, it could be used by flies to get inside. Some flies hitchhike into your home on your groceries. Meanwhile, others may enter through holes in your wall.

With that in mind, one of the keys to fly prevention is to make sure your home is a fortress. Check for holes, gaps, and cracks in your wall and foundation. If necessary, replace the weather stripping around your doors and windows. You may also need to install door sweeps under your doors. 

Other Ways To Keep Flies Out

There are a few other things you can do to keep flies from taking over your home:

  • Clean Up After Pets: If you have dogs or cats, they might leave presents around the backyard. You won't be able to keep flies away with waste piles attracting pests. As soon as your pest uses the bathroom, clean up their pile. Dispose of the waste properly, or flies will follow.

  • Store Trash Properly: Your garbage belongs in a can with a lid. Inside and outside your home, lidded trash cans are the only way to ensure flies don't have an easy meal. Without a lid, your garbage is a welcome sign to flies. 

  • Clean Yard Debris: By maintaining a clean yard, you give flies less of a reason to come into your property. After you do yard work, take a few minutes to clean up debris piles and vegetation.

  • Clean Your Home: If you maintain a messy environment, you'll attract flies. Don't let food overripen or keep your food open on the counter. With proper food storage and regular cleaning, you may keep flies away. 

Call The Pros

You don't need to battle flies on your own. Here at Modern Pest Control, we have years of experience handling stubborn flies. When you call us for ongoing home pest control, you can have peace of mind that flies will leave you alone. Let our highly trained technicians handle your pest issues. Call us now for more advice or assistance or use our online contact form.

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