Keep Your Houston Business Bird-Free: Expert Bird Control Services For Commercial Spaces

Keep Your Houston Business Bird-Free: Expert Bird Control Services For Commercial Spaces

When you first started your business, what was your biggest worry? Many people think about bills and employing reliable workers. These are both necessary. Something that is also necessary but not thought about as often is bird control. Having aviary pests around your commercial property is a recipe for disaster.

To help you handle the birds that cause trouble for businesses, here are some things you should know about bird control in Houston. Contact our team at Modern Pest Control if you would like to find out how we handle these pests. Let us share some of our bird removal services with you and find a treatment time for your Houston commercial property. 

Common Pest Birds: How To Identify The Culprit Invading Your Business

There are a few different pest birds in Houston. The three you need to know about are pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. Of these three local pests, pigeons are by far the easiest to recognize and the most problematic. One thing that makes them so prevalent is their fearless nature.

These aviary creatures have no problem walking under peoples’ feet to find food. Starlings and sparrows are also decently brave but a little less pervasive. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the main reasons you do not want any of these pest birds on your commercial property.

The Impact Of Birds On Business Operations: Why Prevention Is Crucial

The most obvious reason why pest birds are a problem in Houston is that they are annoying. Having pigeons hop around outside your business is a quick way to deter customers. To make things worse, many birds spread disease with their droppings. These diseases can involve symptoms like fever, coughing, headaches, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, chills, confusion, and light sensitivity. You, your clients, and your employees might get sick from interacting with bird droppings. If you serve food, you should be especially worried about birds and the way they might contaminate your food.

Thankfully, there are options to keep these pests away. Here are some things you should know about common bird control methods and some things you can do to stop these terrible pests. 

The Right Bird Prevention Measures: A Proactive Approach

Trying to keep birds off your property? Consider using these helpful prevention tips to make your commercial building less attractive and accessible to these pests.

  • Address damage to your building’s exterior.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep your property clean by picking up trash.
  • Install roofs or umbrellas over outdoor eating areas.

Dealing with birds on your own is not easy. These pests love to take roost up high and do not need much encouragement to build a home on your property. To make sure these pests stay away, you need the IPM bird control solutions at Modern Pest Control. 

Benefits of Professional Bird Control Services: Tailored Solutions

Professional bird control in Houston is the absolute best option you have to deal with these problematic creatures. At Modern Pest Control, we use a modern approach to handle local birds. Let us inspect your property to first assess the condition of your infestation. We will then utilize methods like bird netting and other IPM (integrated pest management) strategies to make your property inaccessible and unattractive to these pests.

With everything we do, we will make sure you are well informed about our process. Talk with our qualified team at Modern Pest Control now to discover more about our advanced offerings and learn what you need to keep pest birds off your Houston commercial property.

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