Putting An End To Problematic Birds Around Your Houston Business
Pigeon in flight above a tile roof.

Putting An End To Problematic Birds Around Your Houston Business

Are birds considered pests? You might not think so if you've never had a bird problem. Birds are enjoyable to have around. You may find them so enjoyable that you put bird feeders around your business to lure them in. Birds are colorful, playful and fun to watch. There are few people who would say they don't like birds. But having birds around can bring problems for your Houston business. Let's take a look at some of the problems birds can present and discuss why bird control may be necessary to protect your business.


The droppings left by birds contain uric acid. This is because birds don't urinate. They must release this acid with their feces. Uric acid has two properties that make it a problem. It is corrosive and can make bird droppings destructive when left on some building materials, such as concrete, stone, masonry, and metal. It does not dissolve easily in water, which can make bird droppings very slippery when left on walkways.

Bird droppings can contain harmful bacteria because birds get into trash bins to find food. Some birds, like pigeons, have unsavory diets and are prone to spreading illnesses with their feces. Pigeons are so connected to the spread of disease, it has led to them being referred to as winged rats.

When birds perch above outdoor seating and dining areas or in the rafters of warehouses, they can drop feces onto customers. This can drive customers away—never to return.

Bird droppings can make your business unsightly. There are few things that can damage curb appeal like bird droppings on window ledges.

Moisture Problems

Birds create nests in many places. Most nests won't be an issue but, when a pest bird creates a nest in your gutter system, it can lead to moisture problems. Moisture can cause wood rot, mold, fungi and algae. Each of these comes with its own list of problems.

Property Damage

When starlings come onto your property, they may get into your electrical boxes or machinery. This is a common activity for these pest birds. When they do, they can cause an electrical outage or a fire to break out. They are considered a fire hazard and should be prevented from getting into these places.

Roof Damage

When you see birds on your roof, you should know that it is not good. How can birds damage a roof? In the three ways we've already mentioned. They can bring sticks and twigs onto your roof and put them in locations that can cause a fire hazard. They can clog your gutter system and cause rot on your roofline. But the worst damage comes from their droppings. The feces of birds can damage any type of roofing. How do you stop birds from pooping on your roof? You may be able to spray birds with a water hose and get them to go somewhere else. But for the ongoing protection of your roof, it is best to invest in bird control services.  

Landscape Damage

Some pest birds get into landscaping and trample vegetation or feed on it. The Canada goose is a good example of a landscape-damaging pest bird. They can do damage to flowers in flower beds, vegetables in gardens and turfgrass as well. While they are certainly pretty birds that can attract favorable attention from your customers, their ability to damage your landscaping and lawn should be enough reason to keep these birds away.

Reduced Air Quality

Some pest birds are prone to get into air ducts. When they do, it can lead to a reduction in indoor air quality. It is also possible for an air duct infestation to turn into a fire hazard.

How To Control Birds

Birds can be problematic. The solution is to let those birds know where they're allowed to be and where they are not allowed to be. The bird control specialists here at Modern Pest Control have access to a wide selection of bird control products:

  • Bird spikes

  • Bird netting

  • Shock strips

  • Bird slopes

  • Scare devices

  • Gel

In many cases, a physical change to the property can be enough to keep birds out of areas they shouldn't be or keep them from getting into attic spaces, wall voids and chimneys.

If you have questions or you would like to look into bird control service from Modern Pest Control, connect with us. We would be happy to give you the answers you're looking for and guide you toward the best solution for your specific needs. We can help you protect your Greater Houston business from the harmful impact of pest birds in Houston.

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