Is Your Pearland Home Protected Against Winter Rodents?
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Is Your Pearland Home Protected Against Winter Rodents?

There’s something about a warm, cozy Pearland home in wintertime. As soon as the sun sets, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than curled up under a blanket on the couch, enjoying some TV time, a good book, or time with the family. But we’re not the only ones who love the warmth a home provides in winter.

Rodents are especially drawn to houses during the coldest season of the year and, if you’re not careful, you could end up playing host to these furry creatures.

Why You Don’t Want To Host Rodents In Your Pearland Home

Rodents bring a lot of problems with them when they get into your home.

  • They chew on anything they can get their teeth on. That means you’ll end up with destroyed belongings, holes in your walls, ruined insulation, and chewed up wiring. This problem is not only destructive; it’s obviously dangerous.

  • They spread disease. Rodents leave feces wherever they go. If they’re in your house, the bacteria and pathogens they carry can be spread to your countertops, cupboards, and food, and could cause you to become seriously ill with a number of different illnesses, such as salmonella.

  • They introduce parasites to your home. Ticks and fleas are often found on rodents. If rodents get into your house, these parasites will too.

Why You Might Be Attracting Rodents To Your Pearland Home

Although rodents can get into your home during any time of year, they’re especially motivated to do so in the winter. The weather is cooler, so they’re looking for warm shelter, and food supplies are less abundant, so they need a place that can provide a steady food and water source.

Your home provides all of the things a rodent needs to thrive, but that doesn’t mean you have to let rodents know that. If you’re doing any of the following, you might be making it obvious to your neighborhood rodents that your house is a good place to live.

  • You leave food outside - Open garbage bins are a feast to a rodent. Pet food left on porches indicates that you’re willing to feed them on a regular basis. Bird feeders are easy fodder. If you don’t want to attract rodents, don’t leave food sources outside.

  • There are plentiful water supplies outside - If your yard tends to be wet, if you have an uncovered pool, or if you leave water out for your dog, rodents will find all the water they need to survive. Dry your yard up to make it uninviting to rodents.

  • Your yard is full of hiding spots - Wood or brush piles, lots of vegetation, and tall grasses all provide the cover a rodent needs to get from place to place undetected. Rodents are skittish and do not want to be out in the open if they can help it. Keep your yard as free of clutter as possible so rodents won’t want to visit.

  • You have openings into your home - Rodents can get inside through space the size of a dime. Check for gaps, holes, and cracks, and fill any that you find. Don’t forget to cap your chimney and cover all vents!

  • You leave food out in your house - This could be food you haven’t eaten yet or food that you haven’t cleaned up yet. Either way, if you’re not using it, put it away! Rodents would love nothing more than to snack on the food on your counters, in your sinks, and on your floor.

  • Your house is full of hiding spots - Just like in your yard, the more clutter you have, the more a rodent will like it. Clear out all unnecessary or unused items, especially in your attic, basement, and other storage areas.

What To Do If You Already Have Rodents In Your Pearland Home

If rodents have already invaded, it’s best to get professional help to get rid of them. They are good at hiding and difficult to eliminate with traps alone. Modern Pest Control offers customized solutions that meet your individual pest control needs.

Our rodent control services eliminate rodent problems and make sure they will not return. Give us a call to request a free inspection!

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