Flies That Bother You In Katy, Texas
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Flies That Bother You In Katy, Texas

We have lots of flies in Katy. If we were to attempt to cover them all, this little article would turn into a dissertation. So rather than cover all of the flies that may get into your home, we're going to cover a few of the most common flies you'll see and some general reasons they get in.


The common housefly is the most common fly that we see in our homes, which is not surprising since it has the word "common" in its name. But, what you may not know is that house flies can't easily live inside homes. Why? Because house flies breed in rotting organic matter. If you have something rotting in your home, you're likely to notice it and put it outside. Therefore, controlling house flies starts on the outside of your home.

  • Make sure you remove the trash from your property weekly.

  • Clean trash receptacles periodically to remove rotting organic material.

  • If you have a dog, keep in mind that flies can breed in animal excrement and do what you can to reduce this attractant.

  • Do the best you can to remove rotting organic matter around your home.

  • Make sure all your screens are in good working condition. If you have flies near your home, this will help keep them from getting in.

  • Seal any gaps, cracks, or holes in your exterior.

  • Only open exterior doors long enough to get inside.

There are some exceptions when it comes to fly production inside Katy homes. Flies may breed in a partially clogged drain, cat droppings in a litter box, and in other places where the smell of rot is somewhat masked. Keep this in mind as you attempt to arrest your fly infestation.

Blow Flies

These metallic flies stand out visually from their housefly cousins. They have somewhat beautiful metallic tints. But these flies are far from beautiful. They feed on the open wounds of pets and livestock, they breeding in dead carcasses on the side of the road, and they are right at home in a pool of organic sludge in the bottom of your trash receptacle. Control for blow flies works in a similar way to house fly control.

Barrier Treatments

While sealing gaps, fixing screens, and changing the environment around your home to deter fly development can work to solve fly problems, the best solution for long-term fly prevention is routine barrier treatments performed by a licensed professional. The residential pest control treatments we apply around homes works to reduce house flies, blow flies, and many other pest insects.

Hitchhiking Flies

Some flies hitchhike into homes. Fruit flies often ride into a home on produce. Fungus gnats can be carried in when potted plants are brought in for the winter. The best way to avoid an infestation from a hitchhiking pest is to understand how they get in and how to prevent them from breeding in your home.

  • Fruit flies can be deterred by putting produce in the refrigerator. This prevents fruit fly eggs from hatching. If fruit flies do manage to hatch in your home, you may be able to solve the problem by sucking them up with your vacuum and disposing of the bag outside. If you continue to see fruit flies in your Katy home, reach out to us. While fruit flies are mostly just nuisance pests, boy can they be a nuisance! We can help you resolve your fruit fly infestation quickly.

  • Fungus gnats are drawn to decaying plant debris and old potting media. Keeping your soil fresh and removing dead plants as soon as possible can make you less of a target for a fungus gnat infestation. It is also important to keep an eye out for these tiny black flies. If you're seeing them around your outdoor potted plants, it is probably a bad idea to bring those plants inside. If an infestation ever does take root in your home, there are several biological and chemical control options available to get control of fungus gnats. We can assist you with this.

In our Greater Houston service area, we see a wide range of fly infestations. Dangerous infestations such as infestations of house flies and blow flies, all the way to nuisance fly infestations such as fruit flies and fungus gnats. But, no matter what type of fly you're dealing with, remember that Modern Pest Control is always available to assist you with fly control issues, and we offer ongoing, year-round exterior treatments that work to eliminate and repel a long list of harmful pests, including flies.

Buzz Off! A Comprehensive Guide To Preventing Flies In Your Katy Home

Flies buzzing around your Katy home bring health risks, not to mention ruin the peace and quiet of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Professional fly control in Katy is essential if you want to defeat fly infestations and prevent these pests around your property.

A Guide To Fly Identification: Types And Behaviors

There are several different types of flies present around our area, and it’s important to be familiar with these varying species. Proper fly identification leads to a better understanding of their behaviors, which helps eradicate fly infestations at the source.

The types of flies you may encounter around your property include house flies, fruit flies, horse flies, blow flies, cluster flies, moth flies, phorid flies, fungus gnats, and deer flies. These flies may look similar, as they will have segmented bodies and six legs, though they may be drawn to different things around your home.

For example, houseflies love to land around waste, including pet waste and discarded food. Fungus gnats are a nuisance around plants, while blow flies tend to land on meat, and deer flies prefer to live outdoors. 

If you need assistance identifying the type of fly on your property, don’t hesitate to contact Modern Pest Control.

The Impact Of Flies In The House: Health Risks And Concerns

In addition to being a buzzing nuisance that ruins your peace around the home, flies bring serious health risks and concerns when they invade your property. Flies are known for being unhygienic, and these insects easily spread bacteria and pathogens throughout your property as they land on waste matter one second and then scavenge through your stored food or across counters the next.

Illnesses that flies transfer include serious diseases such as typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, yaws, tularemia, and tuberculosis, among many others. Some species of flies, such as the deer fly, may inflict painful bites on humans, and these bites can trigger allergic reactions in some cases.

Furthermore, species such as fungus gnats will ruin the soil of your plants, while others, like phorid flies, will cause reactions if you come into contact with them.

Effective Fly Prevention Methods: Keep Flies At Bay

It’s essential to keep flies away from your property if you want to avoid the health risks and concerns these pests bring. The following effective fly prevention methods are some of the best ways to get rid of flies from around your home:

  • Store leftover food properly and clean up all food and drink spills, as food and drink waste aromas contribute to fly infestations.
  • Seal trash bags tightly to stop flies from scavenging in them.
  • Utilize window and door screens to fly-proof interior areas in addition to keeping windows and doors closed when possible.
  • Clean pet waste up around outdoor areas and remove fallen fruit or other decaying matter from your yard.

If you need more advice on preventing flies or containing infestations, contact our team at Modern Pest Control today.

Professional Pest Control For Fly Infestations: Why Hire Experts

To get rid of flies completely, you need to eliminate the source of an infestation - the experts can help you with this, which is why professional local fly control is the best solution for any fly problem on your property.

Our service specialists work with you to identify the culprit behind your fly infestations and provide you with reliable and effective fly control solutions. When you work with us, you won’t need to worry about exposing yourself directly to the risk of serious health issues that flies bring with them.

Contact Modern Pest Control today to learn more or get started.Get started by scheduling a free inspection today.

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