Why Mosquitoes Like You But Not Them: A Handy Guide For The Mosquito Magnets In Katy
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Why Mosquitoes Like You But Not Them: A Handy Guide For The Mosquito Magnets In Katy

If you have ever spent time at an outdoor event and noticed mosquitoes seem to be biting you more than other people around you, it may be because you are one of the millions of people who are natural mosquito magnets. While these tiny blood-feeding insects are too picky when it comes to finding a human host, it seems some humans and animals are easier for mosquitos to find than others. 

If mosquitoes seem to find you every time you go outside, Modern Pest Control is here to help. Our experts have been providing mosquito control in Katy for years and know what causes these creatures to bite in the first place. Keep reading to learn if you might be more prone to mosquito bites than the average person. 

Genetic Factors: Is Mosquito Attraction Inherited?

Over the years, scientists have proven some people attract mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the attraction comes from more than just where you are and what you are doing. Instead, the attraction could stem from your genetics. 

Before you look into mosquito treatments for your home or property, you need to know how your DNA can contribute to the mosquito population around you. Some of the different things that can draw mosquitoes to you include:

  • Blood type: Certain mosquitoes are more attracted to Type O blood. However, the Anopheles stephensi mosquito is typically more attracted to Type B blood. 
  • Sweat: At one time, it was thought people who sweat a lot attract mosquitoes, but research proves mosquitoes are attracted to a specific kind of sweat. Every person has a unique chemical compound in their sweat that can contain ammonia, lactic acid, and other chemicals. Some compounds are easier for mosquitoes to detect and will alert the mosquitoes when a host is nearby. 
  • Metabolic rate: Genetics can play a role in your metabolic rate, which could cause your breathing rate to increase, essentially increasing the amount of CO2 you release when exhaling. Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 emissions.

If you are a magnet for mosquitoes, you should focus on mosquito control solutions designed to mask your scent. Wearing mosquito repellant on your skin may work. There are also a few changes that you can make to your wardrobe to become less noticeable to mosquitoes. 

Clothing Color Matters: How Your Attire Can Affect Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes don’t have great eyesight but can see dark colors well. When looking for a host, mosquitoes will typically try to seek out an object that is gray, navy blue, brown, or black. Our mosquito exterminators recommend that you wear lighter colors when outside. Wearing clothing that is beige, tan, white, and other light colors can make it difficult for a mosquito to find you. 

Fragrances That Attract Mosquitoes: Scents You Should Avoid

In addition to drinking blood, mosquitoes also like to eat plant nectar; this might be one reason they seem attracted to sweet smells. If you have struggled to maintain complete mosquito control around your home, consider throwing out some of your perfumes and lotions. Mosquitoes seem to be most attracted to fragrances that smell swell, fruity, or floral. 

Professional Mosquito Control: An Effective Way For A Bite-Free Yard

Mosquitoes can be active in Katy throughout the majority of the year. At Modern Pest Control, we know the best way to ensure that these bothersome bugs are not attracted to you or your property. 

Call our mosquito exterminators in Katy today to see how we can help reduce your chances of having mosquito bites this year. 

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