The Answers To Houston’s Most Commonly Asked Earwig Questions
Earwig crawling on wood.

The Answers To Houston’s Most Commonly Asked Earwig Questions

There’s nothing worse than finding a creepy-crawly in the comfort of your Houston, Texas home, and earwigs are no exception. Earwigs are small insects with a menacing appearance and a bad reputation.

There are more than 20 different species of earwigs around the globe. Earwigs are frequently identified by their pincer-like appendages extending from the tail end of their abdomens. This distinct characteristic is also the most alarming feature of these nocturnal insects.

Many questions have been raised in regards to earwigs, including:

  • What do earwigs do in your ear?

  • Are earwigs dangerous?

  • How did an earwig get in my bed?

  • How do you kill earwigs?

If the thought of earwigs gives you the heebie-jeebies, team up with a licensed pest control professional to protect your Houston property from unwanted earwigs.

What Do Earwigs Do In Your Ear?

With a name like "earwig," it’s no wonder why people are so afraid of them. Some believe they will crawl into our ears while we sleep to burrow into our brains and lay their eggs. Others are under the impression that earwigs eat people's brains like some sort of zombie insect.

There are many myths associated with earwigs, but there isn’t any scientific data to back them up. Earwigs do not seek human ears to burrow into, eat from, or reproduce in. In fact, the chances of an earwig entering your ear are no more likely than any other insect in search of a dark and warm place to hide.

While it is relieving to know that earwigs aren’t directly interested in your brain, there is still a small chance that some sort of insect may find their way into your ear during the night. Eliminate all of your concerns with the help of an experienced pest control professional for your Houston property.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Due to their appearance, an earwig sighting can be quite disturbing. Their pincer-like appendages look intimidating, but looks can be deceiving. Earwigs mainly use them as a defense against other earwigs or to hunt their prey.

There aren’t any real dangers associated with earwigs. They are mostly nuisance pests that pose a greater threat to garden plants than they do to people.

Earwigs may pinch humans if provoked, but they aren’t strong enough to break skin in most instances. If they do break the skin, there isn’t any venom to be transferred. Additionally, earwigs aren’t capable of spreading diseases to people or pets.

How Did An Earwig Get In My Bed?

Earwigs that make their way into structures may end up in living spaces such as family rooms and bedrooms in their search for darkness and moisture. If you have found an earwig in your bed, at least you know that they weren’t trying to eat your brain and lay eggs.

Finding earwigs in your home may be signaling some form of a moisture issue on your property. Earwigs are attracted to moisture and humidity, so they will naturally gravitate to areas that provide exactly what they are looking for. 

These nocturnal insects are accustomed to living in damp, dark areas under rocks and decaying plant matter. As they move closer to a structure, they can be found under potted plants, lawn furniture, and packages or newspapers.

When earwigs make their way into buildings, it is usually because they accidentally "hitchhiked" in on an item that has spent time outdoors before being brought inside. 

There are some occasions where earwigs will invade structures in search of sustenance or to escape the dry heat of extreme weather conditions. They usually find their way in through exterior cracks and gaps or poorly protected doors and windows.

Once inside, earwigs can be found near moisture sources such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. They look for environments that mimic the outdoor accommodations they are accustomed to.

Just because earwigs aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean they are welcome indoors. A licensed pest control professional will have the best solutions to your earwig problems.

How Do You Kill Earwigs?

You can kill earwigs one at a time as you encounter them, or you can get to the root of the problem with Modern Pest Control. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine the areas where earwigs have taken up residence and eliminate them for good.

Modern Pest Control’s licensed and trained pest management professionals have been proudly serving the community with over 70 years of experience in the pest control industry. We utilize the most advanced pest management methods available to our industry to provide you with prompt and effective services. 

Modern Pest Control will work with you to create a customized plan that is designed specifically for your property and any pest problems you may be experiencing. Our skilled pest control professionals are ready and waiting to serve your pest related needs, whatever they may be.

Contact us today to start your way towards a pest-free property!

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