The Trouble With Untreated Rat Infestations In Houston
Small gray rat eating a yellow cherry tomato on a wooden patio floor.

The Trouble With Untreated Rat Infestations In Houston

If you have rats, calling for rat control in Houston is crucial if you care about your home and family. These creatures can carry pathogens and transmit diseases, so don't delay getting help for a rat infestation. 

Learn how rats in your home can affect your family's health and mar your property, as well as what is available for safe pest control options. You'll want pest control in Houston that will effectively get rid of rats on your property.

Clear Signs Of Rats In Your House

Even the cleanest home can develop a rat infestation. These pests will look for ways to enter your house to find a warm place to nest, food, and sources of water. It's critical to regularly clean and inspect your home to catch a rat problem early on.

Rats can quickly become a nuisance in your home and will show some tell-tale signs of their presence. Look for the following:

  • Rat droppings near food sources, around plumbing, or where these pests travel.

  • Chew marks on the corners of doors, furniture legs, or wiring.

  • A growing odor.

  • Baseboards and walls always look dirty no matter how often you clean.

  • Noises behind walls, under floors, or in the ceiling or crawl space at night.

Rats will exploit openings in the roof of your house and nest between walls, hide out in ceilings, and create homes in attics. These pests will slip through tiny gaps around doors or follow plumbing to invade your home. 

Install barriers like weather stripping and door sweeps. Make sure to fill in cracks, crevices, and openings around pipes, wiring, and on walls. Also, ensure that window and door screens are in good repair and replace damaged elements.

The Damage And Dangers Rats Can Create Around Your Home

To protect your health and property, schedule an appointment with pest control for rats and treat your home throughout the year. These tiny pests can create many problems for you and your loved ones without an effective pest control solution.

Rats may chew holes in walls, flooring, and other areas to travel through your home. Wiring in your home may end up with gnaw marks. Rats can chew and burrow into furniture or tear the insulation between walls.

Check your closet for chewed cardboard boxes, shredded paper bits, or nests. You may smell a musty odor in areas where rats have made themselves at home. Try to reduce clutter and store items in containers that are airtight and hard to chew.

Both direct and indirect contact with rodents, nesting materials, or droppings and urine can make you sick. Make sure to get your home treated quarterly or semi-annually to prevent rats in your home. Sanitize surfaces with rat traffic, wash your hands, and seek medical attention if you feel unwell.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats Around Your Home

Most natural and DIY rat control solutions won't be effective enough to tackle a persistent rat infestation in your home. It's better to call in the experts at Modern Pest Control to clear your home of rats and help with cleanup.

How to get rid of rats? Keep out rodents by installing barriers and repairing areas they might use to enter your home. Remove food and water sources and treat your home's exterior and interior for rats with Modern Pest Control.

Use simple rat prevention tips and have a friendly, knowledgeable technician from Modern Pest Control apply the most effective pest control products and solutions.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Rats Around Your House

The best way to reduce a chance of an infestation and exclude rats is to contact Modern Pest Control as soon as possible. If you see a few clear signs of rodent pests, we can send a technician to treat your home with professional-grade effective pest control solutions. Call the best rat control company, Modern Pest Control, to schedule a free inspection and rid your home of pesky rats. With over sixty-five years of pest control experience, we will eliminate rats and prevent their return.

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