Why Year-Round Pest Control Protection For Houston Homeowners Is A Must

Why Year-Round Pest Control Protection For Houston Homeowners Is A Must

The local climate in the Greater Houston area allows pests to remain active throughout the year. While other areas of the country may have periods where pests are dormant, we aren’t that lucky. That is why it’s particularly important to have a year-round pest control plan for your Houston home.

It seems there is an endless list of rodents, bugs, and other critters that pose a danger to us and our homes. In the Houston area alone, we deal with several types of ants, many kinds of spiders, pill bugs and earwigs (otherwise known as pincer bugs!), crickets, fleas, termites, mosquitoes, mice, rats, bats, and more! Some pests are just a nuisance as they don’t pose much risk. However, most of us still aren’t comfortable sharing our homes with long-legged, creepy crawly critters. Other pests are a little more harmful. These pests may contaminate our food, do damage to the wiring in our homes, insulation, and wood structures or otherwise put the integrity of our home at risk. The expenses for fixing a home after pests have destroyed it can be staggering. Finally, some pests are downright dangerous. These pests carry diseases that can be passed on to humans or our pets and make us very sick, often requiring hospitalizations and medications. Some of these disease-carrying pests can also do a lot of damage to our homes.
Rather than risk illness or deal with damage after it occurs, it’s a good idea to get a year-round pest control plan for your Houston home from Modern Pest Control. There are three levels of plans that can be chosen from to best suit your particular needs. They all include quarterly service and a quality guarantee. All three plans, Modern Plus, Signature, and Signature Plus offer protection from common pests such as ants, roaches, silverfish, crickets and more. Outside your home, they include fleas, fire ants, and spiders. These plans all include rodent monitoring and exterior cob-web removal. The Signature and Signature Plus plans take it a step further, including termite control. Additionally, the Signature Plus plan offers mosquito control from April through October.

Whichever plan you choose, you can feel confident that you will be worry free from all the most common pests thanks to your smart thinking and Modern Pest Control.

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