How Long Does Tick Season Last In Houston?
Tick on a dog fur

How Long Does Tick Season Last In Houston?  

Here in Houston summer can last a lifetime. The warm climate provides months of summer fun. The heat of summer draws people out of their homes and into the great outdoors for swimming, hiking, biking, and other summer adventures. Unfortunately, people are not the only ones who love summer. During the next few hot months, wildlife and insects are also on the move, and it’s important to be aware of the insects you may encounter. 

Throughout the next few months, ticks become more active. They’re already starting to spread out, often catching a ride on wildlife such as rodents, deer, or raccoons. If wildlife wanders into your yard, they may leave behind ticks which will then find you, your children, or your pets. Ticks on your property can start an infestation, and tick bites can cause diseases such as Lyme, alpha-gal allergy, and STARI. Ticks are active throughout the summer, and into the fall. Below are some ways to avoid a tick infestation and what to do if you find ticks in or near your home. 

What leads to a tick infestation?

As previously mentioned, ticks can travel by attaching themselves to wildlife. Ticks feed on the blood of animals and humans. When they’re finished feeding, they’ll drop off and hide in areas with tall grass or thick foliage until they find new food. 

Ticks, like many insects, love warm weather and plenty of moisture. They often live in shaded areas with lots of plants, especially near damp earth. When a person or animal is around, ticks can crawl up their legs in search of exposed skin. As the person or animals go inside, they bring the ticks in with them, making it possible to start an infestation. 

Some tips for avoiding ticks

There is no way to guarantee you won’t ever come in contact with a tick. However, there are a few tricks that can keep them off your property and your body.

#1. Wear long pants

When you’re outdoors, especially in a wooded area or areas with tall grass, wear long pants and long socks to keep ticks from finding exposed skin. Plus, if they crawl up your pant leg, you’ll be more likely to spot them and stop them. Before heading back inside, have someone help you check for any ticks on your body.

#2. Protect your pets.

Have your veterinarian prescribe a tick treatment for your pets. There are lots of options, such as tick colors, that keep ticks off your pets and out of your house.

#3. Keep wildlife away from your yard.

To keep ticks away from the house, you’ll want to keep wildlife away. Keep your grass short. Put a fence around your yard or provide a fenced-in area for your dogs to avoid them picking up ticks from other wildlife. Don’t give wild animals easy access to food or water on your property.

When to call Modern Pest Control 

The above tricks will help you avoid ticks, but they won’t stop ticks once they’ve made it into your home. If you find ticks in your house, call an expert. Ticks can be dangerous, and only a professional pest control service can determine how the ticks are getting in and the best method to get rid of them.

Treatments vary depending on your situation. Modern Pest Control may determine that you have a rodent problem, giving the ticks a ride inside. They will help you address the situation and find the best solution. No matter how ticks get into your home, call Modern to help get them back out.

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