What To Do If Fleas Have Gotten Into Your Home
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What To Do If Fleas Have Gotten Into Your Home

Are you dealing with fleas? Have you tried a dozen things and nothing seems to be getting rid of them? You're not alone. This happens quite a bit. It is because fleas are incredibly resilient insects. A good example of this resilience is the ability of flea eggs to resist many chemicals. If you spray the wrong product into a location where you know fleas are active, you may only kill adult fleas and larvae, leaving your home open to continued infestation.
Another way fleas are resilient is in the way they infest a home. If you treat your home and don't treat your pets effectively, your pets will spread flea eggs around your home and reboot the infestation. If you treat your pets and not your home, your pets could pick up new fleas after the treatments have worn off. And, worst of all, if you treat your pets and your home but miss a location, or fail to properly treat your home, you could continue to have an infestation.
Fleas can take root in many places. When you treat your couch for fleas, you're doing nothing to stop the fleas that are developing in the fibers of the rug in your bedroom. Once the treatment on your couch wears off, your pets can pick up adult fleas in your bedroom and carry them to your couch where their eggs can fall off your pet and create a location of infestation that you think you've already treated.
It can feel like a nightmare when you have fleas. If an infestation goes on long enough, you might feel like a prisoner in your own home. You're watching the bathroom floor for tiny bouncing specks as you brush your teeth. You're rubbing your legs every two minutes while watching television. You're examining your bed before you get into it for the night and brushing your legs so you don't bring fleas from the rug into your bed. All the while, you're still being bit.

When fleas have invaded, how do you take your home back?

If you've had it with fleas and you live in the Greater Houston area, Modern Pest Control can help. Our service professionals are trained and experienced in breaking the cycle of flea infestation. They use EPA-approved products and advanced Integrated Pest Management methods to ensure complete elimination. They can also assist you with another aspect of flea infestation that often goes unaddressed. It is the rodent connection.

What is the rodent connection?

When fleas get into a home, sometimes it's not your pet's fault. Mice, rats, and other furry animals can bring fleas into your home. Mice and rats are the worst because they also do a fantastic job of spreading flea eggs around your home as they explore from top to bottom. If you have a rodent infestation, it can make your flea infestation even more difficult to deal with.
At Modern, we offer rodent monitoring and control that works to remove rodents from man-made structures and keep new rodents from getting in. This can be done as a stand-alone treatment option or can be bundled with ongoing pest control service, which every homeowner should have.
There is one more thing to consider with rodent and flea infestations. When a home has both, there is a greater chance of illness. Fleas can pick up Murine typhus, tularemia, tapeworms, and other illness-causing bacteria and parasites from rodents and spread them to people and pets. And, while rare, especially in the United States, it is still possible for rodents and fleas to spread the plague to people and pets. Most often the plague can be treated and death is not a result but it is a horrible sickness that can lead to human mortality.

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Fleas In Your Houston Home

Fleas are a potentially dangerous problem to have in your Houston home, whether you have pets or not. They are also notoriously difficult to identify and eliminate without the help of a trusted professional. 

Flea infestations can be a nightmare. If you're struggling with fleas and the products and procedures given to you by your veterinarian just aren't fixing the problem, reach out to Modern Pest Control. We offer complete, systematic solutions for pest problems that plague Texas residents. We'll track down what is causing your flea infestation and address it at the root. With almost 70 years of pest control experience, you can trust that your pest control service from Modern Pest Control will be comprehensive and well thought out. And the QualityPro seal of approval our team has earned from the National Pest Management Association is your assurance that you'll get excellent and knowledgeable service every time. Reach out to us today for quick results.

At Modern Pest Control, we take fleas seriously. Prior to performing an inspection, we ask that you cover all of the food in your home and turn off all air conditioning units. Then, we’ll dispatch a technician to your home to perform a comprehensive property inspection. This will tell us where flea problems are existing and what’s responsible for their presence. The way that we treat flea infestations is through Integrated Pest Management methods and the use of organic treatments. This unique combination ensures that we are able to completely eliminate the fleas in your home while also keeping them from returning. And because we abide by IPM, we will work with you on the ways that you can prevent future infestations. For more information on flea control, call us today. 

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