Expert Advice On Spider Prevention In Katy
Black Widow Spider in its web outdoors.

Expert Advice On Spider Prevention In Katy

We face many different types of outdoor pests here in Katy, but the ones that actually have a bite to match their bark are found right in your backyard—and they aren't afraid to wander inside.

Common spiders in the Texas area range from the large and hairy wolf spider to the creepy crawly cellar spider. Although all spiders possess some form of venom, a pair of fangs, and the ability to bite when threatened, most of these species are relatively harmless and even reclusive in nature. Unfortunately, there are two dangerous exceptions.

  • The Black Widow Spider: About 1.5 inches long from head to abdomen, the black widow spider is one of the most commonly recognized species of arachnid in the world. Widow spiders are easily identified by their shiny black exteriors and the red ‘hourglass’ symbol on the underside of their abdomen. When exposed to the neurotoxins of one of these spiders, victims experience what is known as Latrodectism. Symptoms of a black widow bite include sweating, vomiting, paralysis, and even death. 

  • The Brown Recluse Spider: Sometimes called the ‘fiddleback spider’ or ‘violin spider,’ this species of venomous arachnid is characterized by a light brown and fuzzy body, and six eyes instead of the usual eight. If bitten by a brown recluse spider, it is recommended that victims immediately seek medical attention.

Within the next few years, there may even be a third species of venomous spider to infiltrate Texan backyards. The infamous hobo spider is beginning to spread south from its habitat in the Northeastern United States. While their range may never fall within the borders of Katy, learning how to keep your home from attracting dangerous spiders will become more and more important over the years.

There are many factors that could be attracting spiders to your home, many of which cannot be controlled by DIY methods or over the counter products. Quiet, cluttered areas, damaged walls that allow for easy entry, and a consistent food source are often the most difficult to control.

It is important to note that the presence of spiders inside the home could be an ominous indication of an additional pest problem. Homeowners are advised to seek seasonal or quarterly pest control services to help control prey pests that attract dangerous spiders to the home.

Minimizing Spider Activity (And Their Pest Prey)

Reducing spider activity in the home begins with removing certain spider-friendly factors from indoor and outdoor sections of the property.  

Dewebbing the exterior of your home discourages spiders from venturing inside by removing their webs from around the home. Not only does this help to minimize spider activity, but it is a great way to spring clean for the oncoming summer season.

Do your best to de-clutter the less frequented areas of your home. Basements, closets, and similar spaces quickly garner spider attention if not managed correctly. Stack and seal all boxes, and remove items from the floor as often as possible. Sweep and vacuum frequently to reduce the buildup of dust and dirt. 
Repairing screened windows and doors, as well as sealing cracks and gaps, is a great way to keep both spiders and their pest prey from wandering indoors.

Spiders are a pest problem all their own, but their increased presence indoors may be an indication of something more nefarious. To discover the underlying pest infestation that may be attracting arachnids to your home, schedule a free home inspection through Modern Pest Control.

Let Modern Pest Control Provide Modern Pest Solutions

For more spider prevention advice, or to receive assistance with removing an infestation from your property, contact the professional service agents at Modern Pest Control today. Our helpful operatives are waiting to connect you with the perfect pest control plan for your home.

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