Did You Know You May Be Attracting Cockroaches To Your Katy Home?
Cockroaches eating a half-eaten pizza slice in the box.

Did You Know You May Be Attracting Cockroaches To Your Katy Home?

The road to infestation is paved with good intentions, and if you aren’t careful, you may end up attracting some of these no-good pests to your home.
Cockroaches are best identified by their long, folding wings placed over an oblong carapace. These insects come in many colors, from tans and yellows to dark browns and reds. The four most common types of roaches in the Katy area are the brown-banded, Oriental, German, and the dreaded American cockroach. As you might know, cockroaches are common bugs here in South Texas. If you think you've seen a cockroach scampering around your home, you likely have caught an infestation in progress.

What Attracts Cockroaches In Your Home?

Cockroaches can and will reside even in clean homes, but these mess-prone insects love living in dirty, cluttered, and smelly abodes. Some things homeowners should be concerned about that attract cockroaches include:

  • Leaky pipes under sinks

  • Food crumbs under heavy appliances like fridges and stoves

  • Large appliances such as TVs, computers, and gaming systems

  • Garages filled with boxes or pet food

  • Unused or stored appliances like toaster ovens and dryers

Since cockroaches are most active at night, having a home inspection done can help homeowners quickly and efficiently locate their roach problem.

How Do I Get Rid Of American Cockroaches?

While American cockroaches appreciate the less-aesthetic areas of a home, their favorite part is the clutter and paper you provide. Feasting on notebooks, cardboard, and card-stock, paper gives roaches an energy boost that helps them to continue infesting your home. To keep them out, be diligent about keeping your home clean.

  • A good starting point for cockroach prevention and elimination is a good de-clutter or deep cleaning of the home.

  • Run dehumidifiers throughout the home in an effort to reduce air moisture. Have a reputable repairman inspect the home for leaks or rusting pipes.

  • Seal cracks, rips, tears, and any other entry points that lead into the home.

Remember that cockroaches are attracted to both clean and dirty homes, which is why regular pest prevention through a pest control company is vital to protecting your property.

Do Cockroaches Smell Food?

Cockroaches are attracted to the scent of decaying foodstuffs, especially foods containing starch, sugar, grease, meat, and cheese. To keep cockroaches from following their nose straight into your kitchen, throw out all trash at the end of the day and lock it in a sealed outdoor container. Every so often, wash your trash can to eliminate scent residue.

Make Elimination A Breeze With Modern Pest Control

If you aren’t able to get rid of your cockroach problem by using preventative and protective measures, don't resort to toxic sprays or ineffective home remedies to get the job done. Get the peace of mind you deserve by contacting the professionals at Modern Pest Control now.

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