The Secret To Keeping Houston House Flies Out
Fly crawling on a wooden table.

The Secret To Keeping Houston House Flies Out

The secret to keeping house flies out of your home might not seem like much of a secret to everyone. But there is some lesser-known information that we’d like to share to at least emphasized the importance of excluding flies from your home. The real secret is that with a little help from Modern Pest Control, it is possible to be house fly-free in Houston.

Basic Detection: What A House Fly Looks Like

A house fly is an insect that is a little shorter than a normal adult pinky fingernail and about ⅓ as wide. They are grey with red eyes and, if you can look at one closely enough, you will see that house flies are covered with little black hairs. They are true insects so they have six legs and three body sections. In all, house flies are triangular in shape. Their head is the most narrow section of their body. It is connected to their thorax which is a little wider than their head, and their thorax is connected to their abdomen which is the widest part of the house fly. Their two wings follow the sections size increments emphasizing the overall triangular shape.

A Fly’s Dirty Secret

The truth about flies is daunting and disgusting. The threat posed by house flies to our health is a little hard to face. Perhaps some of us become a little overwhelmed or even complacent when more than a few interloping flies start bouncing off of our windows. The threat from the diseases that house flies can carry is matched only by their numbers and tenacity, and it is easy to feel like we are not in complete control.

House flies seem to be an unstoppable foe. They are everywhere we go. Modern Pest Control knows that if any relief from house flies is to be found, it should be in our own homes. The secret to keeping Houston house flies out of your house is exclusion, sanitation, and a little help from Modern Pest Control—Houston’s trusted name in pest control.


Screens on doors and windows are your number one friend in the fight against house flies. But exclusion also means not to overfill trash bags so that they can be tied tightly and to have tight-fitted lids on outside garbage bins and dumpsters. This will help ensure the exclusion of flies' food sources and breeding areas.


House flies thrive on filth. It is important to keep a clean house with no exposed food sources for flies to be attracted to. Cleaning outside pet dropping and indoor litter boxes promptly is also important. The problem is, no matter how clean you keep your Houston home and yard, house flies can travel several miles and even further in favorable winds.

Call Us At The First Sight

No matter the lengths of prevention you take in your own home, there is not a lot you can do about your neighbors’ homes. It is not in your control whether or not there is road-kill nearby for flies to feast on and lay their eggs in. You can know, however, that when you see even a single fly, there is a nearby infestation. This is because house flies lay 100-150 eggs at a time. It only takes a matter of hours for those eggs to turn to maggots and then eventually become flies. So a little help from Modern Pest Control is always a good thing. We are here to help with all of your pest control needs. House flies are no match for our experience and dedication.

Call Modern Pest Control and we can help you keep Houston house flies out.

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