The Woodlands Business Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Pest Control
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The Woodlands Business Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Pest Control

Imagine: you have been working on your business plan for years, and you are finally ready to put your plan into action. You scout the city of Woodlands for the perfect building to rent out, one that is in the heart of the city, with lots of foot traffic and where the sign of your business will be easily seen — and then you find it. It’s perfect! 

You set up shop and start conducting business. Maybe you’re a restaurant, or a cafe, or a clothing boutique — regardless, running your business is time-consuming, and you don’t think to clean up that back room where everything is stored. Suddenly, your customers start noticing mice scurrying around. Cockroaches are milling about in dark crevices, and ants are crawling over your countertops. Now, word is spreading that your business is filthy — how could this have happened?

Common Pests in Woodlands, TX

Unfortunately, that is a situation that is all too common here in Woodlands. Business owners are so consumed with running their businesses that important tasks like pest control falls to the wayside. Below are some of the common pests to haunt Woodlands business owners:

  1. Rodents: Mice and rats are among the most common pests. They are attracted to food and warm, cluttered spaces that give them lots of opportunities to burrow and nest. The back room of a restaurant or clothing boutique, with the food, high temperatures, and dozens of boxes all jam-packed together, make for the perfect environment for rodents to thrive and reproduce.

  2. Cockroaches: Roaches are an especially dangerous pest to have around. These pests are attracted to warm, humid environments with lots of moisture in the air. They especially love cluttered areas they can squeeze into and hide in, as well as food that has been left unattended and not properly contained. The bacteria these insects host and spread could easily shut down your commercial business, harming both your employees and customers.

  3. Spiders: If your business has parts of your building that are cluttered and dirty, it will attract insects of all different kinds — and where there are insects, there are spiders hunting them. The last thing a business owner of any kind wants is for their building to become infested with venomous and non-venomous spiders, posing a threat to their employees and patrons alike.

How Modern Pest Control in Woodlands Can Help

The list of common pests in this area and how they can damage your business is practically never-ending. However, the good news is that Modern Pest Control is here to help!

Modern Pest Control has been working to prevent and exterminate infestations in the Woodlands, TX, area since 1978. No one understands better than us the dangers of having a pest infestation in your business, both for your patrons and your business reputation. That’s why we have developed custom commercial pest control packages, so we may effectively and safely remove infestations. Here are a few of our commercial packages:

  • Roach control: This package works to exterminate any existing cockroach infestations, as well as implementing prevention methods to ensure the roaches do not return to your business.

  • Rodent control: If your issue is specifically with rodents, this package exists to allow Modern Pest Control to exterminate the existing rodent families and prevent them from returning.

  • Freedom Plan: the Freedom Plan is an all-encompassing plan that treats the whole business and works to exterminate any and all existing pest infestations and then implements prevention methods for all types of common pests in the Woodlands area.

Call Modern Pest Control Today!

Running a business is hard. With so many things fighting for your attention all at once, it can be easy to let something like pest control fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, all it takes is one upset customer to take one picture of a cockroach or mouse or ant and post it online for the world to see that your business is infested, and then your business tanks. Customers stop coming in. You are audited for health code violations. The nightmare goes on.

Why not avoid all of that? Call Modern Pest Control today and find out more about our commercial pest control offerings, including options for rodent control, cockroach control, and more. Let us get ahead of the pest control so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business. Modern Pest Control will take care of the rest!

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