Why Do Katy Mosquitoes Prefer Some People Over Others?
Mosquito biting someone's skin and drinking blood.

Why Do Katy Mosquitoes Prefer Some People Over Others?

Most people dread having to deal with mosquitoes during the spring and summer months. Because the females of the species require blood for the production of their eggs, they will plague people with their bites which can sometimes hurt and are always very itchy.

But mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. Mosquitoes are actually considered to be the most dangerous animal on the planet because of the diseases that they carry and spread.

Here is what mosquitoes look like:

  • They have long, thin legs.

  • They have an appendage that looks like a long, thin nose that the females use to suck blood.

  • They are usually a grey color and have some striping on their abdomen.

Why Do Some People Get Bitten More Than Others?

No matter who you are no one really wants to get bitten by a mosquito. However, some Katy residents might notice that they get bitten more than others. There are many factors that might attract a mosquito to suck a person’s blood. While some of these factors can be controlled, others cannot. Here are some reasons why mosquitoes prefer one person’s blood to others.

They are attracted to people wearing dark clothing. Mosquitoes have poor eyesight. Dark colors make more of a contrast against the blue sky so it is easier for mosquitoes to lock on to them and land on their skin.

  • They are more attracted to people who smell sweet.

  • There is some evidence that they are more attracted to type O blood types.

  • They are attracted to estrogen so tend to bite pregnant women more.

  • They can be attracted to the smell of alcohol in a person’s blood. 

  • They can be attracted to the smell of certain foods.

  • They are attracted to carbon dioxide, so if a person is exercising and exhaling more, they will have more problems with mosquitoes.

  • They are attracted to heat, so, again, if a person is exercising, they will be more attractive to mosquitoes.

Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes

While there are some individual factors that can attract mosquitoes, there are also things in your yard or property that could be attracting them. Mosquitoes are especially attracted to moisture-rich environments, so addressing these issues can help prevent them. Here are some mosquito-prevention tips:

  • Avoid going outside during dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Wear light-colored clothing.
  • Don’t leave standing water on your property.
  • Make sure swimming pools and hot tubs are treated properly with chemicals.
  • Try to avoid areas close to marshes and lakes. 
  • Go inside immediately after spending time jogging or on walks.

Protecting Your Katy Property From Mosquitos

If you're looking for advice on preventing mosquitoes or help with getting rid of mosquitoes, the best thing to do is to reach out to the professionals at Modern Pest Control. With over 70 years of experience in the Katy area, we provide modern, reliable pest control services. Our treatments are effective at greatly reducing the mosquitoes around your home or business.

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