Why Houston Rodent Problems Are Best Left To The Professionals
Rodent eating sliced cucumbers on a wooden chopping board.

Why Houston Rodent Problems Are Best Left To The Professionals

In many areas of the country, rodent infestations are something that homeowners only deal with in the winter. But here in Houston, rodents are often a year-round problem. They may initially get inside to warm up in late fall, but once in, they’re likely to want to stay where they receive the warmth they need in winter, the coolness they need in summer, and the food they need all year long. If you have a rodent problem that won’t go away, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Why DIY Rodent Removal Rarely Works

When you find a mouse, rat, or squirrel in your home, your first instinct is to do whatever you can to remove it. Your removal attempts may include traps, poison, or even the purchase of a new pet cat. Unfortunately, these attempts often fail.

Rodent traps can sometimes successfully catch a rodent or two. More often than not though, they don’t have the desired result. Rodents are wary by nature and if the trap is not left in exactly the right place, chances are they’ll avoid it entirely. Rodents also have an exceptional sense of smell and will know if a human has touched the trap or if another rodent has been previously caught in the trap. Even if you do catch one, it’s highly likely that there are more rodents in your home that are not going to get caught by the trap.

Poison may well eliminate some of the rodents that have infested your home, but if not applied and placed correctly, you could put your family or pets in danger. Another consideration with poison is that there’s a high likelihood that the rodents will die within your walls, leaving you with a new problem.

Buying a cat might reduce your chances of a future rodent infestation, but it’s more likely that the rodents will simply hide deeper within the walls of your home.

Why Houston Rodent Problems Are Best Left To The Professionals

When you call Modern Pest Control for your rodent problems, we don’t simply eliminate the rodents currently living in your home, we take a big-picture view of the problem by doing a thorough inspection of your property to identify the type of rodents around, how they’re accessing your home, where the weak areas in your home’s defenses are, and where the rodents are living inside. This allows us to come up with a detailed plan that will not only eliminate the current rodent problem but also seal up the entry points and prevent future infestations. To learn more about Modern Pest Control’s rodent treatment plans, give us a call today!

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