What Does Termite Damage Look Like?
Termite damage on a wooden door.

What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

Living in Texas means that you are probably very familiar with the pests that are commonly referred to as “silent destroyers”. These pests enter your home without your knowledge or invitation, take up residence in your home’s structural wood, and complete their own remodeling projects that end up costing you a lot of time, money, and stress to fix! Have you figured out the pest we are talking about yet? Termites, of course!

The termite specialists here at Modern Pest Control understand just how big of an issue termites are for property owners in Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land, and throughout the Greater Houston area. We want to help you to protect your home and sanity by reminding you of exactly what termite damages look like so that you can get help as quickly as possible. Fast action is the key to limiting the damages!

What Types Of Termites Live Around The Greater Houston Area?

The most common species of termite found in our area, and the species we are focusing on today, is the subterranean termite. The difficulty with these termites is that by the time you are seeing signs of their presence and/or damage, it is more than likely that they are already established in and around your home and have caused significant damage. That is the reason why we encourage property owners to immediately call a professional at the very first sign of termite activity or damage that you notice!

Subterranean Termite Warning Signs

When it comes to termites, knowing the warning signs is an essential part of saving yourself a lot of hassle - and a lot of money on repairs. Termites are responsible for millions of dollars in damages every year, and the longer you let them go untreated.

Signs that subterranean termites may be present causing damage in your Texas home include:

  • Termite swarms - Termite swarms usually happen in the spring when winged termites leave the colony to find a mate and create a new colony of their own.

  • Mud tubes - Mud tubes are about the width of a pencil and are what the foraging termites use to travel back and forth from their nest to their food source in. The mud tubes allow them to stay “underground” while traveling; worker termites will quickly die if they are exposed to light and air. Mud tubes are commonly found running along the ground, on the foundation, or on the inside of basement walls.

  • Sagging windows or doors; or drooping ceilings.

  • Wood floors in your home that are buckled.

  • Wood that is cracked, or painted walls that look splintered, or blistered.

  • Small holes on the surface of wood in your home. The termites use these holes to push out their waste. Believe it or not, termites are neat freaks and like to keep their tunnels and galleries neat and orderly.

Due to the way termites operate, if you find evidence of them within your home, it’s imperative that you contact a professional pest control provider immediately for assistance. The longer you wait, the higher the risk that they’ll be able to do significant damage to the vulnerable wooden area of your home. 

Protect Your Home From Termites With Help From Modern Pest Control

If you find any signs of termite damages on your property, you should not waste any time! Immediately contact the termite control experts here at Modern Pest Control. We are very experienced when it comes to finding, treating, eliminating, and preventing subterranean termite infestations. We provide annual termite inspections at no charge and will take the time needed to sit down with you and determine what course of action is needed to eliminate termites from your home and prevent a re-infestation!

At Modern Pest Control, we are proud providers of the Sentricon® Termite Elimination System. Using a potent bait dispersed through a number of bait stations placed strategically around your home, The Sentricon® forms a protective barrier around your home that eliminates current termites while preventing new infestations. 

When you call Modern Pest Control for termite service, we’ll place Sentricon® stations in the soil at precise intervals around your home. The Sentricon® System then takes advantage of natural termite behavior including the foraging nature of termite workers. Once the bait is distributed throughout the colony, it eliminates the entire population at once. 

Are Termite Inspections Necessary In Houston?

Ignorance is bliss is a common expression, and in many ways, that is true. The idea behind the phrase is that even if something disastrous is about to happen, I am happy as long as I do not know about it. Of course, the folly of this attitude is that being ignorant of a situation does not make it go away. Although facing the truth may be unpleasant and costly, it is better to confront the problem than to allow it to grow to disastrous proportions. 

When it comes to termites, it is easy to adopt the ignorance is bliss attitude because termites often work unseen underneath our feet. Also, we do not want to believe that termites can be a problem in our house. While ignorance may be bliss when it comes to termites, there will be a time when you will have to pay the piper. Ignoring termites will not make them go away. 

The best way to avoid future costly repairs is to take action now and get the Houston pest control professionals at Modern Pest Control. Our family-owned and operated company has removed termites in the greater Houston area since 1952. Not only does our company have extensive experience with termite removal, but every inspector on our team has years of termite control background. Although we now offer complete pest control service, when we began over 50 years ago, our sole focus was termites. Today, we continue to be Texas’s termite experts.

Regarding termites, we do not believe ignorance is bliss, so this article will answer questions and provide information to help you make informed decisions.

To schedule a termite inspection for your Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land, or Greater Houston property, contact the termite experts here at Modern Pest Control today!

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