Stopping Late Summer Fire Ant Infestations In Houston
Fire Ants fighting each other.

Stopping Late Summer Fire Ant Infestations In Houston

Fire ants are a big problem for property owners living throughout the Greater Houston area. Red imported fire ants have taken over parts of Texas and since they are not native to our state, they have no true predators to keep their populations in check. In addition to being extremely invasive and difficult to get rid of due to their extremely large colonies, Texas fire ants are also very aggressive and will attack anything they view as a threat including you, your kids, or your pets. With each sting, fire ants inject a toxin that causes their bites to be very painful and can also trigger severe reactions in some people. These allergic reactions can become so severe that immediate medical attention is required to prevent serious health consequences from occurring. In addition to presenting health threats, fire ants are also highly attracted to electrical equipment and can destroy electrical equipment including your home’s air conditioning units and lighting fixtures.

Summer, more specifically late summer, is the time of the year when ant populations are at their highest and therefore is the time of year when homeowners need to remain vigilant against these highly-aggressive and damaging ants. The number of fire ants in the Houston area is so high right now due to the fact that the warm, humid summer weather has allowed them to thrive. These conditions also allow fire ant colonies to feed, breed, and expand their nests throughout the entire summer season. If you are lucky enough to have avoided problems with fire ants on your Greater Houston property thus far, it is very important for you to take the time now to prevent a late summer fire ant infestation from developing on your property! Some of our easy-to-execute fire ants prevention tips include:

  • Like other ants, fire ants are attracted to properties that offer them food sources. To prevent fire ants from being attracted to your property, always make sure to clean up directly after any late summer BBQ’s, make sure that outdoor trash cans have locking lids on them, and clean any up fallen vegetables and fruits from garden areas.

  • To prevent fire ants from building their nests right next to the foundation of your home, make sure to keep the ground around the perimeter of your home raked and free of debris in order to dry out the ground and deter fire ants.

  • Stop fire ants from getting into your home by making sure that cracks in the foundation are sealed, door and window screens are intact, gaps found around windows and doors are caulked, and tight-fitting door sweeps are placed on all exterior doors.

In the end, the only guaranteed way to eliminate fire ants from your Houston home is with the help of a licensed and certified pest control provider. When it comes to ants in Houston, no one eliminates them better than Modern Pest Control. 

The Key To Total Fire Ant Infestation Elimination In Houston

Not all ants are docile and easy to kill. While many varieties of ants you may find outdoors or crawling around your floors tend not to pose much of a direct health threat to us, some species of ants can be aggressive and dangerous. Fire ants are some of the most territorial ants that invade Houston properties, and they are more common than you might assume. 

Fire ants have rear stingers that pack a burning punch and can easily swarm inside your footwear if you happen to step too close to their dirt colonies. Just like all ants, their populations can number in the hundreds or thousands, making them difficult to fully address. That’s why the safest form of fire ant control comes from experts who know how to properly address a colony.

At Modern Pest Control, we can quickly address fire ants or any other ant species that might invade your Houston property. We use safe and effective methods designed to eliminate the entire population and stop ant colonies from invading again. Get effective ant control right away by contacting us today.

If you have or ever do spot these small red pests on your Greater Houston area property, contact the fire ant control experts at Modern Pest Control. Through our highly-effective 5-step ant control process, we can work with you to eliminate dangerous fire ants from your property! To begin this process, one of our licensed pest control technicians will inspect your property and identify the species of ant present, what conditions are attracting them, and then develop a customized plan of action! Give us a call today to learn more about our ant control programs or our more encompassing year-round pest control programs.

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