The Dangers Of Mosquito Infestations In East Texas
Mosquito biting through someone's clothes.

The Dangers Of Mosquito Infestations In East Texas

Most of us can agree that mosquitoes are a huge nuisance in our lives, especially if we try to go outdoors during the summer, even in our own backyard! They buzz in our ears, fly around in our face, make us flee indoors for refuge, and no matter how much we try to avoid them, they always find a place to bite, causing a raised itchy bump that could drive just about anyone crazy!

Worse yet, the mosquitoes that are so prevalent in the Houston area are also dangerous! These biting pests pose a potential health risk to humans and animals due to their ability to transmit the Chikungunya, Zika, and West Nile viruses; not only that, mosquitoes can plague Houston year-round, not just during the summertime!

Diseases Spread By Mosquitoes In East Texas

Chikungunya virus commonly will cause fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, joint swelling, and a rash. This virus is not usually fatal, but should not be taken lightly.

Zika virus will also cause fever, joint pain, rash, as well as conjunctivitis. Only a few people have had serious cases of the Zika virus, but this particular mosquito-borne virus has been known to cause additional problems for pregnant women as it can be passed on to the baby.

The most common mosquito-borne illness that presents a threat in the Houston area is West Nile virus, although many people will become infected with this virus and not even know they had it. This disease can cause a fever, joint pain, headache and a rash, but is rarely fatal. This virus can also cause neurological problems, but only in less than 1% of the infected people.

Ways You Attract Mosquitoes Around East Texas & What You Can Do About It

Most people who live in East Texas do not know why mosquitoes invade local properties. We want you to stand out, which is why we are going to thoroughly break down the main reasons these pests might get into your yard. It’s fairly simple. Mosquitoes need two things to survive, blood and pools of still water to lay their eggs inside. If you address moisture build-up on your property, you will drastically reduce mosquito populations and, in turn, your chances of being bitten. This is one side of the coin. If you are trying to keep mosquitoes away while out and about, you have to know how to make yourself less attractive to these pests. Here are three simple strategies our experts recommend.

  1. Wear light-colored clothing and insect repellant.
  2. Spend less time outdoors during dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.
  3. Avoid mosquito-dense areas like swamps and marshlands. 

For extra protection on your property, consider investing in our mosquito control. We have many simple professional options at Modern Pest Control and would be happy to use our expertise to help you find freedom from these annoying, biting pests. Call now for more details.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Due to the health risks mosquitoes present, it is very important for people to protect themselves when they are outdoors:

  • Always use an insect repellent
  • Wear long sleeves as well as long pants tucked into socks
  • Avoid spending time outdoors during the peak mosquito hours which are typically before dawn and after dusk

There are also some steps you can take around your home in order to reduce the mosquito populations on your property:

  • Remove any items in your yard that may collect rainwater like overturned tools and toys
  • Eliminate sources of standing water like bird baths, puddles, and pools
  • Keep your lawn cut short by mowing on a regular basis
  • Trim back the vegetation found on your property

Although these are some good first steps towards reducing the number of mosquitoes around your home, most DIY methods are time-consuming, expensive, and are not a completely effective solution to your mosquito problems. For the most effective mosquito elimination for homeowners in the Houston area, professional pest control treatment is the best option. You can trust Modern Pest Control with all of your mosquito and pest control needs!

By partnering with our professionals, we can assure you that we will do everything we can to reduce the mosquito population on your property as well as reduce the risk of the dangerous viruses that they carry. Contact us at Modern Pest Control to learn more about our mosquito control services today!

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